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Hey. Its me again. Dont ya miss me? How i make feeling alone feel tottally ok because i make it seem like everyone wants you to go away anyway. The one that makes you so cool, and i mean cold to the world. The one that denys giving people your trust to keep you safe. The one that tells you the high way looks so pretty from the other side of the chain link fence. I love you but only for a moment. And as everything crashes down you realize two things, i was wrong, and two that you shouldve climbed down from the bridge while you had the chance.
 "No i dont miss you why are you back again?"
 I heard you were doing good. Thats why. What? Thought you got rid of me?
"Yea i did. I have a job now and a girlfriend that i like. I started college two weeks ago and now even helping my mom with the bills"
 oh, you mean the job that you've been late too more than a few times? And the girl thats probably out cheating on you without you even close to mind? And you mean you wasted 2 grand on going somewhere your not gonna get a damn thing from? Oh and your mom is just using you duhhh
"no your wrong"
 you mean yea im right
"go away"
come closer?
"I hate you"
 you hate yourself
"my lifes great"
you mean you want to end it?
 "Please....not again..."


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