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Who does not love the way a tailor-made garment adheres to the body in the most comfortable and flattering places? How much more, encouraging, then is a luxury home bought before it is built, correctly predicted to adhere to the owner’s self-image in comfortable and flattering ways? Why buy a Botaniko Weston luxury home before it is built? We are so glad the question was put to us. Allow us to answer it.

Botaniko Weston luxury homes step up to the plate confidently. The design team here seeks to recharge the parameters of what will be labeled modern living. The real estate developer of our projects is Miami-based and, thus, knows the land, weather, and people. The goal is a project that enhances the area it occupies, including its residents. They are not building a mere resort where a person may spend a few weeks or months out of the year so anything great will likely suffice. They are building platforms for memories for life. And not just anything will do!

Begin with a supreme location. Not just a good one, but, one of the best! It is on the edge of the Everglades National Park. The town center has a Mediterranean feel and shops and eateries that are guaranteed to dazzle the senses. The experts laud it the eighth best in America. It claims the lowest per capita crime rate in the country. 

In the long run, the reason, admittedly, is a bit pedestrian yet one not to be ignored. When the work is done and the keys handed over, no one else has occupied it. It is new and unused. Who does not like the ephemeral pleasure of the smell of a brand new automobile? 

And even better than a new car is a home whose construction provided the buyer some input. Yours truly has known only two people who have pre-purchased automobiles. But make no mistake about the fact those buyers were delighted to choose the exterior and interior colors of the car, the whistles that adorned it, and the bells that announced its might. The prolonged wait for the delivery was worth the feeling that they had not just bought a new car but had bought their new cars.  Even when the time to replace them was apparent, those buyers did not want to part with them. Who knows, maybe some of the remarkable vintage automobile barn finds are the remnants of pre-purchased assemblies with which the buyers would not part.  
If having a pre-assembly car purchase is so exhilarating, how much more a thrill for a home built and designed according to the buyer’s specifications?

Let it be known, however, that as great as they are, warm fuzzies are not the only reason to buy one of our Botaniko Weston pre-construction luxury homes. There are good business reasons to buy one. There are cost savings. For example, in new community construction, the community often will pay an agent that accompanies a buyer entering the sales office the first time. On new construction, the builder usually pays the buyer agent commission. 

Speaking of cost savings, a new construction home will save the buyer money in the long haul even if it does cost more initially because the home will be the latest and the best in energy efficiency features.

Another cost savings not often considered is that new construction communities are usually in the best areas with good schools, well-kept roads, low crime rates, and clean public parks. Parents living in a new construction luxury home will not have to pay to have their kids attend a better school that is farther from home. Well-kept roads means less wear and tear on the family vehicles. And as far as vehicle go, the low crime rates save on automobile insurance as well as home owner’s insurance costs. 

Another benefit to new construction is that the realtor can negotiate some custom features for the buyer. Some might suggest buying new eliminates the need for a realtor but most experts would agree a buyer is usually less familiar with real estate along with builders and construction in general. A good idea on a high dollar negotiation of any kind is to have someone arguing the negotiation that is a subject matter expert. While on the subject, realize, too, that the realtor can ask the builder for a lot premium which will reward the buyer when the need arises to sell. 

Part of that flexibility is things like painting, carpeting, light fixtures, door knobs, light cover and electrical cover plates, cabinetry, grips and openers, and the like can be decided by the buyer in a new construction home. 

Many lenders on new construction homes use what amounts to an interest loan while the home is being built. Then, once construction is complete, the loan switches to a mortgage. Closing costs are paid only once. 

As well, new personal construction can take anywhere from three to six months. Depending on timing, it is possible to have larger interest accumulation during construction that can be deducted from taxes in the same year the buyer has to make a down payment. The trade-off may be lower interest deductions in  subsequent tax years.

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