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Hi my name is haileigh I want to tell you a story of me. Once I was 3 years old I wanted a song so I started a song called my life kinda like this book but all the words are different. I wanted to be famous but I didn't everybody hated my song all the kindergarteners where like that's horrible I don't like that song. And I started crying because they hated it I was so mad.I'm still mad and I'm 17 years old I wanted to be famous like Billie ellish. She is the best I want to meet her but I can't sadly. My mom siad do you have the money to go on a plain I said no. I love my mom so much she is the best I'll never let her go

The end


  • Your song were probably good anyway shake of da haters

    Jan 31, 2020

  • Feb 03, 2020

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