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Hush World - hush, 
Don't kill my dreams. 
They make me who I am, 
A dreamer it seems. 
Dreaming with my eyes open, 
I sleepwalk through life. 
Not awakened to the awoken, 
I sleep talk too much. 
Talking about my precious dreams, 
They tell me its unrealistic. 
"Wake up and smell the coffee beans." 
They say to me when daydreaming. 
But the "real world' is meaningless. 
Do they not see what that means? 
It's waking up to a nightmare, 
It's a graveyard for dead dreams! 
So hush World - hush, 
You won't murder my dreams. 
I'd rather be haunted by apparitions 
Than be haunted by aspirations. 
You are harsh World - harsh, 
But you won't break my ambition. 
You see I'm not just a dreamer, 
I'm a believer of innovation. 
Yes I know, I'm no super hero, 
And the criticism is getting louder. 
But I will be an inspiration, 
All it takes is Will Power. 
So I'm not just another dreamer, 
I'm one hell bent feathered net-ring. 
Now hush World - hush, 
And watch me catch my sweet sweet dreams.


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