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You know human mind, indeed the most complex thing with zillions of neurons get confuse on comparing just  two most famous theological effects fate and faith, my story is a narration of the two, left to you to decide either is it fate or faith, when were you born the welcoming world was worth welcoming because your parents welcomed you with big smiles, throbbing hearts and high hopes what make it like that? Is that fate to be born in a rich family with civlized culture or faith of your parents that even if you are second child suppose they have faith to accept you that will make through thick or thin to make another life worth living what if you were born in some tribes of Africa where famine was devastating everything and your parents have to kill you to make least the feeding mouths if you think and rethink you get one answer either what you are is fate or faith the glory of only God is revealed in every single aspect of this complex world with many shades. 


  • Jan 30, 2020

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