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We all feel pains, as a matter of fact pain are part of living, they come and goes.  Some might want to stay forever if you accommodate them. Your pain is different from others cause we all are not the same. To turn your pain to gain, you need to know that "pains" as far as you have breath in you, they are always around the corner. Inside pains are lesson to learn, but don't be overwhelmed by your pain. Remember you are a soul who need to be happy. You are not created to bear the burden of the whole world, truth be told you can't solve all the problems in the world. You can make an impact but not at the detriment of your happiness. If you let the circumstances crushed your happiness by sacrificing what you don't need to sacrifice (your happiness) don't see yourself as hero but a foolish person.
Only you know you want in life,  stop being a puppet. Let your voice be heard. Raise your standards and never compromise. Change your perspective, free your mind from hurt.  Stop imprison yourself, see yourself as happy soul always and you will be happy in the end. Healing naturally comes from within. Even if the the world condemn you, never you condemned yourself, they just want to tame you. Listen to the voice that often says "you are the best and made for more". When you give people chance they take chances, let them see the real stuff you are made of and watch how they will bow to you. 

The moment you bring yourself down, pain set in. Get up from that uncomfortable zone you have shrink yourself and begin to walk uprightly. Say to the pain "I am your master, you can't rule over me, so leave me, my life and never come back. Happiness, Joy i welcome you into my heart and life" . When you fill your mind with positive thought about yourself, the negative will find it way out. Be with people that motivates you always and do things that make you happy and free. Lose the bondage you put yourself in,  and enjoy a happy life forever.


  • Jan 30, 2020

  • Jan 30, 2020

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