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Can’t seriously write serious things on tablets…

I‘ve to wait till my notebook is restored. I sent to mac  agent. A young girl- technician advised me to change the hard disk. Its very slow she said. I wouldn’t mind I had this notebook around  ten years. I'm more than satisfied.I had used, Acers, Asus, NEC, IBM, Dell, HP, and I still miss a few names. None of the brands mentioned lasted me for more than two years. This isn't advertising, it's  just a word of appreciation.

Back to my 7 inch tablet, the beauty though handling is light  may be likened to a girl putting on makeup on her face. As usual in writing a lot of correcting taking place, adjustment, adding and minusing. For a short while, all is well but no later than 40 minutes or so you’d feel the strain in your eyes and fingers taking a toll.

Not the same as typing on a larger keyboard, in tablet once fingers start fidgeting you tend to make lots of  missed type. You get agitated and writing isn't fun anymore.

My short article usually ended up becomes long article say, intended for 300 words becomes 1,000 words instead. I could only rescue the energy used up is by copying and pasting the section which I feel less connected  for later use. May be I need a lot more training for writing short articles.

I hope in an hour's time I could get back my notebook and continue writing happily ever after ~amdesidik



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