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An black utterless view became brand new as mikoda eyes open up.  He appeared to be sitting on the rooftop of the school building.  Skip out on Thursday third Period class again.  He stares down at his classmates doing their  pushups and running lap for gym class. 

He disliked gym because its exploit people weakness and strength.  He even loathe Mikki the other day because she quote "Come on Mikoda, gym class is the chance to build your character and image "

He responded with the "Arr you kidding me?" Face and then totally disk mikki in the gym room. He felt like she obliged him to try and participate too.

He not obligated but he is already been told by the group home landlord to find a job or he be considered a lazy freeloader. Sone point of time, tenants beed to be do community service or job to have their own  place.. Mikoda only  16 years what can he possibly work at ?

He thought he might as well look into it. As he went back inside and down the stairs, he saw groups of boys waiting for him. 
"May i help you?  " he asked concerned and the average boy looked at him frightened to speak.

"Well what you want?"

The boys chanted to themselves qnd and he started to squeeze between them but one of the boys pulled mikoda shirt as he stopped to see  .

"Mikoda, unn Mr. Sheppard was wondering about you.  You miss class. Everyone had to run laps. "

Mikoda sneered as he picked up reasons why boy tells him it. He just looks at them with his eye wide. 

"What you think is my fault?! I didn't ask any one to care about me?"
He said as his tears flow down his face and the group of schoolboys were kinda of shocked.  They didn't know how to react his emotions.  So they left out of his sight and he wipes his tears with his jacket sleeves.

"Damn school always be caring of what i am do. I did not ask for it "

He punched the wall and barely put a hole in it.  As he looked at his hands and they were bruised red.

"Ahhh ouch!"
 He loosed his consciousness and felt down on the ground. Luckily no one heard him crying. 

The moment passed and he was in the nurse office, his eyes open to room with yellow walls and sound of peace surrounded him.

"Where am i?" He looked around as he seen curtain close on his side and look up at the wires plug into him. He sighed and then lays back down. 

"Someone must have bought me here. " he said to himself as he looked at his hands and seems some one has wrapped them in bandages.

He hears the door crack open and he lays down with his eyes closed.  The door opens further as the person came in and closed the door. The person wreath of cheap cologne and hair pomade  cane closer to Mikoda hospital bed and another preacence of woman came through the door to Mikoda. 

"He seens to be fine but I am worried that he be danger to himself and others. "

The nurse with short brown hair and shy timid glasses looks at Mikoda. She breath slowly and looked back at the man who seem to be the Assistant Principal. 

"I don't think he is intentionally harm to himself or other but his record show him wealthy and sort of depressed Mr. Takai. "

The assistant principal Takai  Yuriko adjusting his perspective with his glasses and aware of the nurse comments. He fixed his tie and heeded to the door .

"Well then, I  and other teachers will be watching over Mr. Mikoda for safety reasons. His grades are indeed slumming but he not get off so easily. "

Without another word, the door shut and Mikoda consciousness mental note  Mr. Takai standing.  As the boy mind stunned frozen, he cannot fanthom that his school reasons for watch over him.

"Whhy the heck do all of them care?" What is Mr. TAKAI motive?" "
Mikoda thinking to himself as he gets something not right about these people. They would not let me failed nor have my life as is. He invisible sweat as the nurse looks over him.

"Ohh my, you are sweat. " she said as she went to grab a cool towel and Mikoda tries to  get up. The nurse saw him and reasoned to have him rest while.

"Lady, I have to go home.' He told her but she insisted that he stay awhile and he forces took off the patch on him and look for his shirt.

"Now now, do not be so rash. You were injured earlier.  I suggest that you inform the principal your okay. "

Mikoda looks at the lady crazy.

"Are you joking?" I don't trust none of them. "

The nurse sighed and reached for Mikoda arm as he found his shirt on the desk and  he looked back. 

"You are definitely doing too much.  At least, allow me go to the bathroom." He scammed the lady by making up excuses to free him self and she greatly lets go of his arm.

" okay. Before you leave school, stop by the principal office. "

He button up his shirt and  left the nurse office.  He looked down the hallway and then dash out of the building. Luckily he did not know that the assistant principal saw him on camera.

"Cocky basrard, he think he got off easily. He really been monitored the whole time. I  show him !"

Mr. Takai looked out of his window and glared sharp as Mikoda left. He then removed his body and sat in his desk. 

"There must be some measure or relative that can strike the boy minds. "

Takau finger scanned Mikoda student profile.  He stops at the emergency contact  and disregard the note on the side.

It reads only in emergency  guardian named Hamulda Mikoda.

Relationship: estranged aunt

The last time Mikoda seen his aunt was when he were 7 years old at the oprhange. His estranged aunt on his father's side bail on him. She a drunk dancer and she lived with many people . Oddly the group's home sponsor left note attached to think Hamulda recover by now .

It did not across Mr. Takai mind as he made plans to get Mikoda under his control. 

End chapter two 



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