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  NARRATOR 1:hello audience.... I am NARRATOR, I will be be the narrator of the blind date game! here is..... Prince charming!!!!
  PRINCE CHARMING: (waves and smiles) hello their pheasants! I am the one and only Prince around!
 NARRATOR 1: the rules are that you will have a blind fold on, and you will talk to her... Take her out to a resteruant.... You know all that good stuff, and dont ask for names! If you can guess who it is your talking to... You and your "date" will get a free 2 week stay at the grand hotel!!!!
  PRINCE CHARMING: all I have to do is guess the girl and i will be awesome!
  NARRATOR 1: ok let me get your blind fold (ties blindfold on prince charming, and pushes him off stage) who should his date be....  (Smiles slyly) Ooh.... She will be perfect. Just got to go to the sea!
  (Narroter 2 hopps on stage)
NARRATOR 2: hello guys I am narrator 2! I will be here until my older sister gets back! Oh! Its been 10 minutes and she is back! Hey sis
 (NARRATOR 1 runs on stage, and following her is Ursula)
 NARRATOR 1: can you go sis, I am setting up for the blind date challenge.
 NARRATOR 2: fine.
  (17 minutes later)
(stage is set up with 2 stools/chair and 1 table narrator is sitting on a stool/chair backstage left)
NARRATOR 1: time to bring in the contestants!!!!!
 (Prince charming and Ursula walk in on opposite sides. NARRATOR is holding camera for remainder of play)
   NARRATOR: ok 3..2..1..ACTION! Hello people we have our guest on... The Blind Date! Let's see what will come up!
 PRINCE CHARMING: (walks into the chair) ouch
  URSULA: poor unfortunate suol! 
  PRINCE CHARMING: (suspicious) hmmm
 NARRATOR: things will take a huge twist!
  PRINCE CHAR: Where would you like to eat?
  URSULA: (yells) fish.
  PRINCE CHAR: hmmm.... Entresting...
  Narrator: lets go get fish! By the way prince i am paying.. So you owe me!
  PRINCE CHAR: fine! 
  URSULA: lets go....
 (The stage is set up like a restaurant their is tables everywhere and people sitting at them "eating")
  WAITER: hello.... (Shocked)Oh my god! Ummm ..... Hello ma... Ma'am and sir, come right this way
  (Prince charming and Ursula follows the waiters voice but bumps into multiple tables)
  PRINCE CHAR: hmmm.... Purple dress.... Hmm wait!! I know who it is! But why would she want to eat her own kind!?!?
  NARRATOR: you know who it is? Who is it then
  PRINCE CHAR: AREIL! she wore a purple dress at the wedding , AND I heard flopping, AND she went to Ursula place and sang poor unforunate souls with her! (Pulls off blind fold) now give me- EWWWWWW SQUID!!! SQUID GROSS ITS SLIMY GET THAT PUKE AWAY FROM ME!!!!
    URSULA:  (pulls off blind fold as well)YUCK! A SPOILED LITTLE PRINCE!
    PRINCE CHAR: I dont want to be seen with you I have my life planned out and you disgusting creature will ruin it! (Runs off stage)
   URSULA: (runs over to narrator) you said i would have a free meal!
  NARRATOR 1: well, i mean i wasn't wrong
(Curtains close)



  • Jan 29, 2020

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