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Growing up, all that surrounded me were stories. Although they still surround me today, there's just something special about the ones from my childhood. They helped shape my life. And what's more, led me to the grandest realization of it. My aspiration to be a writer. 

It was only when I turned five years old that I started becoming conscious of the stories but at that age I couldn't yet distinguish between the real ones and all the fiction. My immature mind was prey to fables and myths. Not to say it was a bad thing; I was simply a victim of my own curiosity. Day and night I would ask questions and get answers in the form of stories. They tought me important life lessons and fed my hunger for adventure. I grew up in an area where folklore was at it's peak. So a lot of legends were being told by the elderly. I still remember most of them till today and I like to share some of them with my youngest siblings. Telling them stories is one of my favorite things to do whenever I go visit my hometown. It's the look in their eyes when they are so indulged by the fantasy and thriller that gives me satisfaction. They're always hungry for more and it reminds me of my younger years. I still appreciate the tales I'm told today but not like I used to back then. The magical experience has somewhat faded but in return - left me with an inspiration. 

I dream of being a writer, I don't consider it as a mere career but rather a calling. For me, it's about more than just telling stories. It means more than a simple job of writing books, articles and all sorts of literature work. I wouldn't just be doing something for a living, no...no! It's more than that. I don't  just call this a piece of writing; I call it a work of art. For not only would I be painting pictures with words - I would be creating! The moments we live for, emotions that we need, I think about the ideas and inventions mankind could breed. Because when I am a writer, not only can I express myself to the world, I can influence it too. Educate younger minds about life and plant seeds that will lead to a more driven and open minded generation. This is the art of writing and its intelligence at work. 

I'm very grateful for my skill to read for it has given me the opportunity to learn effectively. I'm glad that I can write because now I can share my thoughts to the world. But most importantly, I appreciate the events that have conceived this realization. My own life experience has been a story which has led me to aspire - to become a writer. 


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