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Often times I wonder where do African women get it wrong. What was there offence and who did they offend? Most African men lacks responsibility. They are only responsible in having more than one woman and continually impregnating them.  Our women rarely knows what it means for there husbands to love them. In some home the wife shoulders everything. Adding what is not her duty to it. We are supposed to be by the men side, assisting them from behind. What did you want the women to do when the men waste their lives in drinks and drugs. The funny one is when they say women likes "money". Yes we do! to take care of ourselves and make you our men proud. The truth is we don't want just your money, we need you to show us real love and not to think you can buy us. Many of us (women) have a lot in us that need to be seen by the world, but our men killed most of the raw talent in us, restricting us. When we are not happy, we can't think straight. Stop abusing women emotionally, verbally and in all things. We are a soul who deserves to be happy always. It sad seeing a heavily pregnant woman doing all the work like a slave and the Husband in a drinking joint or doing something not worth it. The bride price you paid is to value and cherish us not to enslaved us.  Make your wife happy and save being with you, and watch if she will not be productives in all that she do. 


  • Jan 29, 2020

  • Jan 30, 2020

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