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Lance:So,what is the case?
Don:What do you mean?
Lance:I mean,why  are three three cops in the room,the kitchen is a mess,and jazz is playing in the background?
D(Don):Well,the cops are here to solve a murder,the kitchen is a mess because they were looking for evidence,and jazz helps them focus better.
Helen:And why do you think WE did it?
D:Because you were found near the corpse.
L(Lance):I had enough of this,I'm out of here.
D:You have nowhere to go,until we find out who commited the murder.The only place you can go to is the interrogation room.
L:Ok,let's go.
A bit later.
D:So,what do you?
Sir we have a witness.
D:Lorry and Clive,watch  them.
L:Well,it's been three hours since he went to check on that witness.
H(Helen):Can  we go?
C:No,until he comes back.
C:I'll go find him,stay here.
4 hours later.
C:Shit,he dissapeared,ok you can go.
L:Thank you kindly.
The next day,in Helen and Clive's house.
H:Honey there is a letter from that Don guy.
L:The cop?
H:Yes,he says that we need to speak.
H:At Hanson park at 11pm.
L:Ok.D:Look, I found  out who did the murder.


D:(Shows them some pictures):His name is Jack Folder.


D:You know him?

L:No,his surname sounds weird,that's all.

D:Anyway,he lives in a faraway island  near London.

H:And you want us to find him?

D:Exactly.I will prepare your equipment right away.

L:I'm not sure.

D:Do you want to spend a lifetime in the Michael Irish  prison?


L:Hello,Mr Folder are you there?come on out and we won't hurt you.

A creature drops screaming from the sky.

J(Jack Folder):Ssh,easy Grizmira,easy girl.

The   creature has a  black  head, and everything else white.

H:Who are you?

J:I am Jack Folder,but it matters not,what is your business in my island?Grizmira doesn't like uninvited visitors.

L:We are investigating a murder.

J:Good for you.

H:(Shows him the pictures):And we have info that you did it.

J:And you believe it because the police says so,don't you have your own will?

L:Well,in  this case Jacky, if we follow our own  will and instinct,we'll end up in jail.

J:And whose freedom is more important,mine or yours?

H:Look,we were asked to bring you back to be judged,dead or alive,and I've been trained in the special forces for five years.

J:Ooh,I'm scared.

H:I can kill you without even giving you a chance to think to move.

J:Then you will go to jail.

L:Look,we have the evidence, if we don't bring you back,the policeman will call other policemen for help,and they are capable of burning the island to find you.

J:If you want me,come and get me(Dissapears in the island).

H:Where did he go?


L:Who are you?

E(Esper):I'm Esper Folder,and if you get close to my father,I promise to unleash Grizmira on you,and let her eat your guts and bones.

H(Takes out her gun):Shut up!

E:Ok,let's make  a deal.

H:(Puts the gun back in her pocket):Fine.

E:If you manage to find where my father is in this huge and deadly island and arrest him,he is all yours.

L:And if we don't find him?

E:Ha ha,I'll let that be suprise.

The same night near a campfire.

L:You think there is any chance of finding him?

H:Well,we are well trained,but he is cunning,and that Grizmira really creeps me ou(They hear an otherworldly scream).

H:Did you hear that?


H:Let's go check it out.


H:Activate night vision.

As they walk through the island 's jungle at night,they  pay  much attention  to the details of it.

The jungle has many weird plants,weird sticky things and an intense feel of  unwelcoming wilderness all over the place.

Esper appears to them.


E:Do you know what this island used to be called?


E:The island of Terror.

E:You know why?


E:Because this used to be a place where horrifying creatures used to live.

H:And what happened to them?

E:Burned to crisp by the locals,but  these creatures left one survivor behind.


E:Exactly.You know,you are much smarter than you look.

L:Besides insulting my wife,telling her that she looks stupid,and telling us myths to scare us,what else can you do?

E:If I revealed to you what I can do,you would run so fast to get out of this island,that would die of tiredness.

E:Goodbye for now.

H:Don't listen to her,keep walking,we must find Jack.

L:You are right honey.

As they walk the suddenly find themselves in front of an incredible sight.

A giant black pyramid is standing in front of them,is glowing in a gold colour,has many scars on it, and lights and music is coming from inside it.

H and L:Wow!!!

J:(On top of the pyramid,looking rather playful):Impressed!

L:Evening to you too,bastard.

J:Oh,how I love it when they complement me,but really you should meet my father,he is a wonderful man.

H:Contrary to his son.

J:Well,call me what you will,but you found me,you can arrest me and go home.


J:But first I would like to play a game with you.

H:What game?

J:Don't wanna spoil it(Pulls a lever and they find themselves inside the pyramid):Let the games begin!

J:In the meanwhile,shall we go at that nice restaurant near the shore baby?

E:Sure thing dad,that's why I love you,because you are generous.

J:And I accept your boyfriend.

E:Yeah,that too.

A bit later in the restaurant.

J:You know darling, I really didn't think that they would find me.

E:Me neither(Drinks beer),I really thought that they would just get mauled but Grizmira's cousins.

J:Did you remember to feed her?

E:Well, I did but even if I haven't fed her,she will have two great meals,a salty one and a bit sweeter one.

Meanwhile in the pyramid.

Host:Well well,you have passed 46 trials successfully Lance and Helen,but there is one more.


Host:(In a sweet tone)Oh,Grizmiraaa!!come here please sweetie!!

Grizmira  appears in front of them.

Host:Defeat Grizmira, and you are out of here.Oh this will be so great!I just can't wait to see how(Gun sound).

Grizmira's head is lying on the ground.

Don:Piece of cake!!!

L:Don? what are you doing here?

D:Well,i have a contact in the island and he told me  I might find you here.Now let's go, a helicopter is waiting.

In the helicopter.

Helen:But what about Jack?

D:Oh,don't worry about him,he is in good hands.

L:What do you mean?

D:Let's just say that  when he goes to check on Grizmira,he'll be in for a treat.

A bit later in  Jack's basement

J:Grizmira, are you there?Where are you? I want to congratulate you for eating these fools.

Grizmira's cousins(With control chips installed on the back by Don):Grizmira is dead,and that's because of you.

J:There has been a misunderstanding,I thought these  noobs would be eaten.

Grizmira's cousins:You should have left the the island when you had the chance.You know what advice your father gave the visitors of this island?


Grizmira's cousins:A.Don't you dare hurt Grizmira,and B.(They get  closer to him):Don't feed the animals.

They charge him and eat his guts and bones.


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