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The demise is getting near
Reality has set fear
For one was tragecially hurt 
The other running to cope
Drugs at hand
Deceit played like a band
Insecurities that were made 
Now strung out from the pain
You say you want sobriety
It's fine you aint got to lie to me
You just don't like your feelings 
When you lay next beside me 
Wide awake fake sleeping
The other just sitting dealing
Every thing that was forseen
Prophized over me
I was left at home
While you were turning cold
The ice cold chills set in
Soreness an detox hit
You talked about dying today
Like no one would miss you if you passed away
The dope had you in her grips 
An thoughts of yours had fear set in
Not knowing what will happen  
Finally seeing your wrong for once
To late now the damage is done
Clean an sober he screams it
But in reality it's just a dream 
It's time to fight for your life 
The war is at our door knocking 
Thanks to your actions 
I have no emotions no more
Always was there regardless
Taking every lie you sold me
Willingly playing the fool
To get to this certain moment 
While you made out to be crazy
I was aware an becoming more patient 
Had to remove all feelings I had
Fell in love with a robot it's sad 
I did what I had to do
In the end I'm not blaming you 
Not for my choices that I will make
But the damage I have that you will take
Your freedom was never questioned
When the truth came out 
I felt abandoned
I'm so proud of you i mean it
It's about time I hope you truly see it
Is this another mind game of yours 
Or has reality finally hit your door
Change is now taking place 
Take your faults an now hit erase
Who you were then 
And who you were now 
Two different people on common ground
Your demons will start their bidding
I'm here for you if you ever need me 
Il make my choice for me
But don't let that change your inner strength
Most people never get here
To them it's just a dream
Take the opportunity while it calls
I'll still be your baby 
But now the tables have turned
Your scared of what it might do
But I'll never turn
I am who I am sincerely
Genuine feelings that's the real me
Pretty soon I won't need it either
But till then you'll be my idol
I have given my all into this 
This moment for reality to hit 
And come to grips with it almost took you 
Destroying all that we have built. 


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