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you bring sunlight happiness into my life 

I'm lucky to become your girlfriend 

you're in my heart,

I have find my first true love

won't let this happen between us

if you find someone better than me.

Wouldn't we love each other forever?

waterfall fall into my face 

thought it's was a nightmare

I'm afraid this would happen,

you're the very first one 

similar as me.

Why Are You Doing This To Me?

you're my first true love

don't want you find another person

replace me,

I don't want to be just your friend 

desire become your girlfriend

wish we stay together until matrimonial.

Do You Ever Love Me?

if you do truly adore me

don't find anyone steal your heart 

only, I'm the person have to key 

to your love.

Wouldn't I have a bodyguard?

truly deeply love you 

I'm not try to be a bad person 

just don't want anybody come close to you,

steal your heart

you're my first true love.

Could I Know You Love Me Sooner?

there's nobody would understand me 

treat me well just like you

you're so important to me,

you are meant for me a lot more 

I would always love you forever and always.

You're my first true love 

truly deeply inside of my heart

I'll do anything put smile on your face,

give you my love 

just please don't find another 

after your graduation

I care about you and love you forever.


  • bravo

    Jan 29, 2020

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