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The four seasons of love

I saw an angel on a winter’s day
and my hearts began to melt
Just like the snow
when the morning sun is felt

I try to reach her
but couldn't stop the train
and as the winter end
I never saw her again

Spring is in the air now
all the flowers are in bloom
two birds build a nest
outside my bedroom

The days are getting longer
Can feel the Northern Breeze
I thought I have seen her.
But it’s just the shadows in the trees

the Summer suns shine
Children playing on the sand
the schools are closed
And Vacations has began

I thought that I have seen her
on the fourth of July
but it was just the fireworks
playing tricks with my eyes

Fall is here again
from my window, I see it Clearly
and laughs when Sheldon says bazinga
on the big bang theory

I hope one day I can see her
She, s all I thinking of
Will always remember this
As the seasons I found love

My four seasons of love


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