Tier High School Season 2- Apocalypse: New Kread Read Count : 28

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Tier High School, one of twenty in the Marron Valley, out of the twenty; it's in the top three of the most dangerous schools. But their in the top five to be special. So special, some of the other schools in the Marron Valley district would say they have some mystic mystery abilities.

Dozens of Kids: Elon we're here to challenge you!

Elon: Oh come on! I just got here!

Boy: Chance 4 Activate Whirling Winds!

Elon *Dodges*: I really don't want to fight! I just want to get to my classes and settle in!

Girl: Chance 3 Activate! Blazing Fire!

*Inhales and Exhales*: Fine! Have it that way! Chance 10 Activate! Energy Shield!

Teacher: That's enough! Everyone go to your classroom! Elon, principal office now!

Elon: What! I was defending myself!

Teacher: Now!

Elon: Fine!

Principal: Welcome back Elon Moon.

Elon: Mr. Chezz!?

Mr. Chezz: Welcome back Elon.


Autumn: Um... Aydin...

Aydin: Yeah?

Autumn: Will you go on a date with me..?

Aydin: Yeah, sounds fun.

Autumn: Wait! For real..!?

Aydin: Yeah, sounds a lot fun.

Autumn: Yay!


Mr. Chezz: Here, I'm going to give you a tour of the school and I have a surprise for you.

Elon: The school got bigger since I left.

Mr. Chezz: It sure did.

Elon: It's amazing, I can't believe it.

Mr. Chezz: Yep, your also still the top in the school after being gone for awhile.

Elon: For real? Any competitors?

Mr. Chezz: Yeah, three actually. All brothers.

Elon: Oh, can I have their names?

Mr. Chezz: Yes. Well, the youngest is a kid named Hakim, he's Chance 6. Second oldest is Trinstin, you met him before. The attack, he's Chance 7. The oldest, a kid named Dominic, he's Chance 9.

Elon: Dominic? They all sound familiar. Don't they have a sister?

Mr. Chezz: Yeah they do-

Girl: Yes, I'm her! Who's asking!

Elon: Jessica!

Jessica: Elon! Oh wait until my brothers here your back! Especially Dom!

Elon: Please don't tell them. I don't have the energy to fight. And I just want to settle back into the school.

Mr. Chezz: Elon, your surprise.

Elon: Oh yeah! See you later Jessica, talk to you later.

Jessica: Wait! Elon!

Elon: Yes?

Jessica: If you don't want me to tell my brothers, you'll take me out on a date!

Elon: Alright. You choose the place and I'll pay for everything.

Jessica: Deal!


Jessica: Hey guys guess what! I have a surprise for you guys!

Hakim: What is it?

Jessica: He's back!

Trinstin: Cam?

Jessica: Ew, no. Elon is back!

Hakim and Trinstin: What!

Dominic: He's back! No!

Jessica: Yeah.

Trinstin: Where is he!?

Jessica: With Mr. Chezz, but don't touch him, at all!

Dominic: Why not!? He threatens our chance of completely taking over the Marron Valley School District!

Trinstin: Yeah, we basically run this school and two others! Not even the teachers mess with us!

Hakim: Yeah, they practically bend to our will.

Jessica: Don't touch him, we're going out on a date. If it goes well, don't go after him or I will get dad and make y'all pay! If it doesn't go well, you can kill him I guess.

Dominic: Tsk.

Jessica: What? I deserve to be happy! If it goes well he'll my boyfriend, does my happiness mean nothing to you!?

Dominic: I don't care that your dating or want to be with someone. I just don't want it to be Elon Moon!

Jessica: If it goes well it will be him and you'll have to live with it! And I said before! If it doesn't go well, you can kill him or whatever!

Dominic: Fine, I guess.

Trinstin: Hope it ends horribly.

Hakim: Same here.

Jessica: Screw you three!


Mr. Chezz: You know she-

Elon: The surprise?

Mr. Chezz: Oh yeah! While you were gone we had a stadium built. Advance in every way possible. And also our largest in the school in second largest in the Marron Valley School District.

Elon: Nice!

Mr. Chezz: Yeah. High tech. New equipment. Reinforced. Everything about it is unique and outstanding. We built it for you and as a monument. Elon SiliciGen.

Elon: I'm speechless. This really amazing.

Mr. Chezz: I'm glad you like it Elon. This is the most advance stadium or anything in general in any school district. No other school outside Marron Valley doesn't have this, its not as advance as us.

Elon: The more I hear about this the more speechless I get. I'm so, I don't know. I'm grateful.

Mr. Chezz: Glad to hear Elon, really am.

Elon: So what do my classes look like?

Mr. Chezz: You actually have one class.

Elon: One?

Mr. Chezz: Yep, and you'll be teaching the Freshmen that will be coming in. That includes Jessica.

Elon: Wait, she's in middle school! I have to-

Mr. Chezz: She's a year younger than you, she just been held back.

Elon: I can tell a couple times.

Mr. Chezz: Yeah. She has.

Elon: I figured. Alright so when do I start?

Mr. Chezz: Tomorrow. That's when they'll be arriving to the school to start their high school life.

Elon: Alright.

Mr. Chezz: Well, I have work to do, Elon. So your welcome to tour the campus and check out your stadium monument to get yourself familir to the school again.

Elon: Alright. Thanks Mr. Chezz, I'll see you tomorrow then.

Mr. Yep.

Elon: Bye Mr. Chezz.

Mr. Chezz: Bye Kiddo. See you tomorrow.


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