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There are only three types of people in this world: the driver (few are these people), the driven (many are these people), and the passenger (very few are these people). Of these people, one is truly happy and one is heavily deluded.

The only real meaning of power is control.
The driver is the person who masters control over his/her life, their hands are on the steering wheel. The driven is the person who thinks his/she's in control but is in fact under the influence of someone or something else. The passenger is the person who has let go of the steering wheel willingly and have let life take its course.

The lives of the driver and the driven are inspired by fear. They're both afraid of losing what they value, such as their lives or possessions, and they always feel vulnerable when something concerning their lives is unknown to them. The thought of tomorrow being a mystery is unsettling to them, and so they're always envisioning the future - unlike the passenger who always lives in the moment. 

The life of the passenger is inspired by faith. These people believe in something greater than themselves and trust it to lead them to their ultimate vision. They don't think of tomorrow but only wonder; the driven don't wonder but make plans; the driver doesn't plan but make calculations.

The driver is observant and finds connections on how things work, then sees patterns that affect his/her life and try to manipulate them to work in his/her advantage. Even if it means influencing other people's lives. The driver takes the necessary time and steps to master control. She starts with mastering her inner world before the outer, afterwards she starts with something small in her life then expands control over a bigger scale. He is careful and patient, doesn't gamble - tests. 

The driven attempts to be like the driver but fails. These people won't take the time to study the world because they're - well, too busy being human and living their lives. However, because the thought of not being in control depresses them, their egos lie to themselves. Deluding themselves by creating false patterns and false meaning to everything. They would create false self images as to avoid depression. They're quick to judge and are slow to learn.
But these people are more at peace then the driver, simply because they fight less.

The driver is powerful but will never find rest.
The driven is happy until something messes with his illusion.
The passenger is at rest but to the world - at risk.


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