Touched Read Count : 21

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
Her hands feel of fire down to the finger tips as her touch finds it's way around his neck following the curves of hard muscle along each of his shoulders and falling to his sides. Holding on to his sweaty body as she brushes her chin against his back gently kissing him as he slowly takes it all in. His hardest, her deepest,  his hands cling to hers as thy run across his waist. He begins turning to capture her lips with his own. As his hands take leave to touch her delicate soft body  they begin to dance finger tip to finger tip making there way along her beautiful structure taking time to notice every crevice, every smooth touch, along every soft curve.  with his tonuge against her skin tasting her desire  and kissing on her fiery soul igniting her drive for passion.
Thus the start of craving to have him all to her self, wanting him close, needing him near, feeling him inside and drowning in the essence of her own pleasure it's given and deep down to her core. The temperature rises the room warms and sweat drips as their wet skin slids against one another intangled on the floor.


  • Totally sensual and elegant way of describing, passion and desire!

    Feb 07, 2020

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