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The week had blessed me yet, at the same time, cursed me. 

I lie in bed that lies within my dear brothers home. This be my last day of inhabiting his home, for I must return to my own home with my parents. 

I admit that I loathe being at home with my parents, it is a boiling pot of water waiting to burst and spill over the floor. 

Heavy restrictions, extreme, malicious thoughts, and the paranoia and sorrow that crowd my room. 

That be where freedom dies, my freedom. 

My dear brother hands me my Declaration Of Independence, I excitedly accept it. 

Today, I must forfeit it. 

My brother and I share a vast library of memories. Him being away has left us with far more rarely anytime to socialize. 

And thus, at home, I am alone. 

The force of tears trying to escape, but perhaps it is me who is trying to escape. 

Escape the life at home that I despise so much. 

I am quite saddened by my leaving, the sorrow shall haunt me ever so thoroughly that it shall drive me further down the road of loneliness.

We are separated by distance, but never separated in our hearts. 


  • Jan 26, 2020

  • Feb 14, 2020

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