Miraculous Ladybug Love Undre Covre Read Count : 16

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Ever sense Adrian discovered marinette was ladybug he had been out of it. he just couldn't believe it the girl he proclaimed to love had been so close and yet so far away, even farther sense he had started dating kagami. but ever sense that spring morning when she  detransformed to enjoy the freash morning dew. she hadent even noticed him. he had been out all night trying to clean he's head from the events of the last akuma. He never thought ladybug would ever return his feelings. And at first he though he was hallucinating. still in the back of he's mind he though marinette could never be ladybug she was shy and clumsy girl. Don't get him wrong she was a great friend one of the best. but she was never a bold, brave, fearless person. but then again thats when she was around him he had to confess she was adorable when she was frasiled but after she started sing and he knew he wasn't and he couldn't pull he's eyes off her she was so happy and graceful as she enjoyed the morning rush. But it had been two months sense that morning it was the middle of summer he had talked to anyone sense that day he hadn't mean to he just had to get over it but how in a few weeks he would go back to school and she would be there he let out a sigh. ding his phone alert ed him he had got a message. .. From marinette! He looked at the screen in shock before opening the massage
Hey Adrian i heared from kagime you weren't feeling well or thats what she said well if your feeling better you could come ober everyone is busy getting ready for school to start back up and my parents are  catering a event across town so if your not busy we could hang out and talk about whats bothing or just playing megstrick 3 what ever you what  


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