The Loner Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
America has changed into a new nation, with the hopes of killing all those who dislike the dictator. It's been less then 5 years, yet he clams he has 1 million victims, who disappeared of the new order. He clams this so we stay loners, but that not gonna happen, we are gonna have a revolution. I was hiding in an apartment complex, I travel under the floor boards, and sleep in unoccupied rooms. 

I grabbed the small flashlight, getting a better look at my work. I was building a wooden box, that hid a camera, I wanted too keep an eye on the unoccupied rooms, so I knew before entering that no one was inside. In this new America wepons are illegal, but I have a plan. I opened the text book, I'm trying too pass a loyalty test. If I pass I'm allow too open a factory, witch will be a front too make guns, and ammo. The workers will be loyal too the revolution, and we'll start a roit, and assassin all the politicians that can stop the revolution. I have a monitor for the camera, I'm inside the room now, but I hide the monitor near the entrance. 

I looked at the monitor, there was a contactoin. It's  was hard for the camera, and monitor too contact because how many fire walls, and passwords I have for anything too contact too the camera. I place the camera inside the box, and put the box on a self, then I place the monitor under the floor boards. I had a trap door too get in, and under the floor boards were tunnel, because of support. I could get out by a vent, but it was hard too move in that vent. I continued too study. 

I heard foot steps from the hallway, I ran down the steps into the tunnels. I watched the monitor, police were walking in to check the room. I remembered I forgot my book, which had my identity written in it, meaning I would automatically fail if they found it. I ran too what under the hallway. "Help me! He's raping me!" I yelled. I heard the slam the door on there way out, they began kicking down doors. I ran up, got my book, and ran down. 

I escape with my book, and monitor. The reason why the vent was soo big was because of garbage, let me explain. The elites wanted too get rid of garbage without be see homeless people, so they build a system were they hid the garbage under the floor, and workers would throw it down the vent into the container; however it smelled, so the idea was scarred, but they kept the vent big because they didn't want too lose more money. The trapdoors were where they threw out the garbage, and there was a pin system too slow down it's fall, a great way too get in. The elites didn't want too see garbage men, because it made them feel dirty. 

I was one of those garbage men, I was fired when they stopped using those tunnels, because the reason they hire me was because I could fit into the tunnels, and because they were broke. I considered robbing the elite, but they had guns, and I didn't. 

I began running away from the complex. I ran too the area were we had too take the test, I was allowed too study there.


  • Jan 27, 2020

  • Jan 27, 2020

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