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The roses are glooming in the sunshine      Throwing their aroma everywhere         They are talking in a slow voice that I couldn't hear                                                       But I can understand their silence and they can understand mine                          Silence has a cluster of words that spread peace                                                          With the aroma and peace, the roses gives us oxygen to live                                               I can only water them today or I have nothing to give                                                 If the roses are pleased to grow, their beauty will increase.                                

Regardless of rain or shine, the roses always smile                                                      I wish to have a heart like this that could tolerate any grief                                          And beat continuously no matter the life is barren or fertile                                                  I think the roses have loving hearts, though this is my own belief                                         The roses look soft, bright, pretty, and cute                                                                      And are laughing together, even though the world is mute.     


  • Jan 30, 2020

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    Feb 22, 2020

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