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Life is a crazy wild journey and the human body is what makes the experience different for everyone. The chemical make up of your brain is what determines your ability to survive and thrive in this complex world and the physical body is merely a shelter, either it is strong and beautiful or it is broken and condemned. My shelter, is like a beautiful mansion with broken windows and I know as the owner, it is my responsibility to fix the windows. I cannot go out on the street or to the bar or to the library and expect someone else to come fix my broken windows. But when I do fix them, I can invite whomever I choose to come and admire my house. That is, only those who I can trust to not break my new beautiful windows. It took me a long time to fix all of my broken windows, there was a hefty amount of damage done. So I had to be very careful about who I allowed inside my house. Then one day the wind blew a seed into my yard which blossomed into a beautiful flower. This flower was one of the most gorgeous flowers I had ever seen. The flower was strong, and comforting all at once and brought a sense of peace to my home. I was sure that once winter came around the flower would die and take my peace away with it. But to my surprise the flower didn’t die, it grew stronger and more beautiful. I soon realized that THIS flower was different from all the other flowers. It was my flower, hand made just for me, to enjoy and cherish. So I vowed to protect this flower, I would not just simply water this flower, I would cut down trees and move mountains to provide this flower with the sunlight it needs to thrive. This is love and you are my flower. Welcome home. 

By: Gabriella Anthopoulos


  • Jan 27, 2020

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