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I'm traffic captured 
Facing the rapture 
Faster faster are we going backwards
Residual pinhead slowdown ahead
But I see no  disaster
If this keeps up I might 
become a shoulder passer
Bumper to bumper I'm gridlocked in 
We could race to our destination 
But we'll already be there before we begin 
Stop and go whats hard about that 
Just go with the flow or let me pass
I'm a trail Blazer not a tailgater
Better balance that book of brake checks
C'mon c'mon get ahead of that wreck 
As I rage on the road to others I mean no  disrespect 
Slow down, speed up, merge right,
Merge left ,construction zone, caution ahead, I gotta get over thats my exit 
How much further is it?are we there yet?How can four tires make me so tired? I push I pull ,tank empty, tank full,
I don't usually have bulk gas ,Use your blinker ,  get over , speed up , and please get off my ass .....


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