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No one can tell you the future..
No one can tell you the full
Truth of the past..
And no one can tell you what 
Is and what was..
Time pushes us to our 
Top level of stress.
Time gets you no where..
Your to busy going to fast
 That you're going no where in life..
Slow down and look at 
The life you where blessed with..
The life you should be 
Proud of even having..
Do what you love.. 
Don't worry what the future holds..
Don't worry about the past,
That you can't let go of..
And live in the now..
The now.. live in the now and 
You'll see how much love 
And beauty there is 
In the world..
-Sarah Pipkin

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  • its not my very best to be honest..😅

    Apr 05, 2020

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