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           It was twelve years since I was in MSB. One year ago our teacher told us about a girl who very unhygienic. She used to wear clothes which were never washed and her food was always smelly and stale. One night I got a dream in which I saw that it was a dark and fearsome night and it was raining like cats and dogs and the pathway was very narrow because of muddy water and dirt. When I returned home I did not bother to wash my hands and went to sleep. After some days I was so ill that I could not get up from my bed and also that I had got diseases like tuberculosis and some water-borne diseases. That night I got up in an ubrubt manner and fell as if I was going to die. 
            Next day my mother told me to go and take some grains from the shop. When I went there I saw a huge garbage-dump in which mosquitoes, flies and bees were flying. I got so scared that I ran without taking the required materials to my house. When my mom asked what happened I told her about my dream. She then told me that I had to write an essay in which I had to mention some hygiene points and had to submit it on Monday. When I sat to write my brain was running for ideas as fast as a cheetah. The Monday arrived. Now it was my turn to go up and speak.
          I went up and spoke :"Hygiene is very important without hygiene a person will look shabby and smelly to avoid getting ill a person can take the following measures 1) Prevent yourself from eating stale food, 2) Prevent yourself from not having a bath till months and years, 3) When you come from somewhere outside your house have a habit of washing your hands legs and face, 4) Don't wash your hands only with water but also use soap to wash hands, 5) Brush your teeth and wear clean clothes, 6) Avoid going to places where there are garbage dumps,  7) After coming from a public toilet have a habit of washing hands, 8) Avoid eating outside food. 
          Some other measures can be 9) Keep your surroundings clean, 10) Keep a garbage dump outside the building, 11) Have a habit of dusting and pesting your home, 12) Do not let the garbage dump go so high that mosquitoes,  flies and bees start breeding in it, 13) For ladies to throw there sanitary in proper dustbins and wrap them in paper. Finally but ending my paragraph I say that A Stitch In Time Saves Nine.  Which means that if we will take these measures in our dailylife use maybe like Indore even Mumbai is known as the Cleanest city in the whole world


  • People can take this as something serious and make their surroundings clean and beautiful

    Feb 21, 2020

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