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The onslaught is not forgot 
It was such a wash we had not a shot 
The gods had chose bad odds composed to play for us that day 
We thought we hoped 
The devil eloped ,
Before their was hell to pay .
But never dire have you or I ever displayed more desperate dismay ,
When it let loose it drowned all fools 
All I could do was prey .
I've never seen the beach retreat out from where it came ,
Then a lifetime  in one  second closed in  with amazement as we rode the wave
Further inland , then you could walk,or even run  in a day .
A sea of debri grabbed everything free 
Plus everything else in it's way ,
The ocean decided to share it's delouse , and then it headed back the very same way that it came .
There was wicked Wiley wreckage to sift through , May day , may day , get this  message ,  I'm shocked to know end ,  its  unfathomable , and so  hard to comprehend ,
I don't even know the first thing to do .
The ocean she raged on behalf of the Earth , and anything alive within miles ,
Hadn't the faintest of clues ........


  • Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    make a book of this!😍😍

    Feb 21, 2020

  • .

    Feb 21, 2020

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