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Title: The Niger Delta

Oil spillage everywhere
Neocolonialism at it's peak
Embarked on by the imperialist
On deplorable people of the coast

It hurts as the tears fall
Seeing the people of a particular region
Starved & marginalized
By it's own leaders and government

The story of the suffering in the Niger Delta
That is covered and left untold 
By the act of government mechinary
Geered towards protecting it's image to the world

The Niger Delta
A land boardering a peaceful and unique group of people
Very intelligent and hardworking
And less reliant on the government or outside world

The Niger Delta
A land exploited and laid waste
By the government and foreign bourgeoisie
Because of it's natural resources and riches

They came with their guns and firepower
They subdued your able bodied men
They raped your young girls and old women
And killed your people and left you waste

Brothers are pitted against their brother
Families against families
Clans against clans
And, leaders against their fellow leaders
In the "divide and rule" wit of the imperialist.

They took your oil and natural resources
Made it their own and illegal for you to taste of it
They tagged you a criminal when you protested
And made you a ribel as they led you to the gallow
By a firing sqaud.

Your father stood motionless 
As he watched you been carried away
You mother was made handicapped
Only leting out the painful tears
As she watched you dragged along to your grave

A land once boyant and flourishing
Filled with peace and tranquility
And the ever flourishing cultures and traditions
Of the most civil and nice people of the earth

Who brought this to our motherland
Pollution and destruction everywhere
Causing the death of innocent souls of nature
Making the people suffer in penury, hunger & starvation

Niger Delta
Though your peace have been disturbed
Your people killed and maimed for no just cause
Your water and lands destroyed because of their greed

Niger Delta
Don't give up on your people
Your children will be your worriors and armor
And soon justice will be passed against your enemies

Say No to unbridled exploitation
On the Niger Delta
Desist from it's pollution & destruction
Or stand one day to drink from its polluted water of death!

Composed by: Akamere Bright Odesi!


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