The Crystal Of Quaza Chapter 1 Read Count : 14

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August 21, 2078, at the park in Kansas, there's a boy with short blonde hair, wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, blue Jean's, and white shoes riding a bike, while looking at the night sky.

While he looked at the night sky, he saw a shooting star pass by.

By the way, this boy's name is Artemis.

Artemis always loved stargazing, so he would take any chance he got to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sky, especially the moon.

Artemis always has a strong attraction to the moon, since he is named after the goddess of the moon, he also is really attracted to the supernatural.

Anyway, back to the story, Artemis follows the star and ends up by a lake.

There at the lake spots a glowing item, out of the item come the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air causing chaos all over to people's car, buildings, and people.

Artemis wondered what to do, then a voice called "Free me".

"What?" asked Artemis, confused.

"If you want to help these people, free me", said the voice.

Artemis noticed the voice was sweet and innocent like a child, but at the same time mature, thinking this might stop the chaos, Artemis gets up and heads for the glowing item.

But, a tornado appears blocking the item, and knocks Artemis down.

Not giving up, Artemis gets up, and keeps trying to get the item, even though the might of the tornado was getting stronger.

As Artemis walks up to the tornado to get to the item, he notices people being sucked in by it.

So, against all odds, Artemis gets close enough to the storm to grab the item.

Once Artemis grabbed the item, a bright light spread all over town.

This light sent Artemis to a void of pure white, no people, buildings, just white.

In the void, Artemis just floating.

"Where am I?" asked Artemis.

A boy who has short black hair, wearing a blue school uniform.

“I’m Apollo, thank you for freeing me, those elements have been 

Through the void appeared a boy who has a school uniform.

"I am Apollo, thank you for rescuing me, those Elements have been using my body to bring their rein upon the humans for far too long", said the boy.

"I'm Artemis, and you're welcome", said Artemis, shocked.

"Artemis, I owe you a debt of gratitude, and here's the present, that I hope will be to your liking", said Apollo, as he represents a necklace, that has a crescent moon on in it, and on the moon in ancient Egyptian writing.

"Whoa! Can I really have it?" asked Artemis.

"Of course, along with something else", said Apollo, blushing.

"Huh?" asked Artemis.

Apollo kisses Artemis with passion, at that moment, he realized Apollo is real and by his size, he's in middle school.

Apollo flies from Artemis, and says "Farewell, my sweet prince I hope we meet at school".

After that, Apollo disappears, then the white void breaks apart, and Artemis lands in the lake.

"What? How? Was it all a dream?" asked Artemis.

Artemis looked around his neck and saw the necklace and said "Nope, that wasn't a dream, which means I got kissed by a boy and saved the world from destruction".

Right at that moment, a little boy appears with long blonde hair, wearing a white school uniform and says "Big bro, me and mom was worried about you".

"Alex, sorry, where is mom?" asked Artemis.

"She's in the shelter, she was helping some people that are injured", said Alex.

"Let's go", said Artemis.

Artemis takes Alex's hand, and heads from across the street, which is where the shelter is.

Outside the shelter, there is a woman who has long blonde hair, wearing a white dress with tears in her eyes. Her name is Dia.

Dia runs to Alex and Artemis, and says "I'm so glad, you're both okay".

"You too, everybody in the clinic alright?" said Artemis, as he is being squeezed by Dia.

"Yeah, fortunately", said Dia. "Speaking of it, where were you, Artemis?"

"Uh, stargazing, but don't worry, I was safe with a classmate of mine", said Artemis.

"I'm glad, because I was so worried, when you didn't contact me, but then again the power was nearly knocked out and the back up technology wasn't helping", Dia remembered.

'So, the supernatural item can overwhelm our advanced technology', thought Artemis.

Alex looks at Artemis' necklace, and says "Did your classmate give this to you?"

"Yeah", said Artemis.

"Boy or girl, and what is his or her name?" asked Dia.

"Boy, and his name is Apollo", said Artemis.

Hearing Apollo's name, Dia's eyes glow, which concerns Artemis.

"What's wrong?" asked Artemis.

"It's just one of his mothers was in the shelter and was talking about how odd Apollo has been acting", Dia tells Artemis.

"Really?" asked Arremis.

"He didn't hurt you, did he or do anything to you?" asked Dia, being strongly concerned.

'Anything?' Thought Artemis.

Artemis has a flashback of Apollo kissing him in the white void.

"Artemis! Artemis! Artemis!" called Alex. "He's broken".

"That means Apollo must've had a crush on Artemis and confessed to him", Dia guessed.

"Mom, don't just make random guesses, but then again by how Artemis is blushing you might be right", Alex replies to Dia.

“I call his mom and ask him about this, you take Artemis to his room”, said Dia.

“Alright”, said Alex, lifting Artemis, without flinching.


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