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Saying goodbye to an old friend
When you  thought the relationship 
Would never end
Magnifies the meaning this experience 
With beautiful- everlasting memories 
That began at a literary distance 
Rekindling my writing persistence

Motivated to rise each day to join my friends  As they navigated through their written journey 
Inviting me to be part of it
As we shared our mental adventures

No boundaries of time-places -language
or cultures
The freedom to go wherever our creativity 
took us
My writing life reborn from stagnation to the magnificent feeling of expression and creation so sorely absent for so long 

Thus was my life with Writers Outlet
A new-found friend- my companion and inspiration 
Cut short by the realities of fate 
You will be painfully missed but my memories and experiences will never end and never fade
There maybe others out there that I am going to explore 
But never can equal what has been given to me
“Goodbye Old Friend”


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    Feb 20, 2020

  • Feb 21, 2020

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