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I watched as the black truck came close too my house, a cia agent walk toward me. "We need you too kill the iran dictator, and his family." He says as he walks towards me. "Would you like too explain a little more?" I replied. I'm in Israel, my house, and all my expenses are payed by the us government. I open the door for him, as he walks in he looks into my living room. A grab a mug. "So, you want him... and his family dead; you guys usually just want the leaders dead, and the family arrested." I say as I pour him a drink. I pass him the mug. He picks up the mug. "We will fly you there, if any family members survive, it could start a war."  He then takes a drinks out of the mug. "It a Alright coffee. Your first mission is too kill his son, we'll send you too his night club, and we'll have a get away car, but its your job to make it look like a terrorist attack." "You want me too use a pistol, amd do you want any information from the club?" I ask. "If you manage too get your hands on his computer then we would like too take that." He replied. "You want emails?" I ask. "No, the whole computer. Take the chip on your way out." He answered. "When does my flight leave?" I asked half knowing the answer. "Dawn." He says. I knew he would, I always have too leave at dawn. 

I slowly inch towards the bouncer, there was a small line, and it was almost time too close, there was only an hour. I show him my id, as he looks at it he seems suspicious, but lets me in. As I walk in I see him in the vip area, I sit down at the bar, and order a drink. The pinks, blues, and reds were messing up my vision. I feel a pat on the back. "You must be new. Im the owner." He says in Arabic. I turn too look at him, pretending too be drunk. "Hello. I was wondering if I may become a vip, I can afford the pass." I say in Arabic. "Really, well let me show you the vip area." He replied. He walked me over too the area, as the doors swing open I see that there only 5 people. "Slow day?" I asked. "No, it's a special day, so only my closest friends are here today." He replied. I see an exit near by, but it wasn't close enough. "Nice place." I say. There was a small pool, and blue lights in the sealing. I then noticed the computer near by. "That yours?" I asked. "Yeah." He replied. I consider shooting him now, but there were to many witnesses. "Hey, I forgot something in my car, can we walk, and talk as we get it." I lie. "Yeah." He replied. We walk outside, im leaning on him pretend too be to drunk too walk without falling. It was hot outside, the bouncer was sweating, I feel his phone against my leg. There no line outside, I push him too the floor, I quickly spin grabbing my gun, shooting the bouncer twice. I turn too the son, he hadn't gotten up yet. "Praise Allah!" I scream loudly, shoot him in the head, and twice in the chest. People run outside, and I run too the car. Hoping in while the people were feet behind me. We speed of, I reloaded my pistol, shooting at the crowd. "Praise Allah!" I yell while shooting. I only hit 2 out of the 10 people, just enough so that isis maybe blamed. "I didn't get the chip, but I can sneak in thought the back, and steal it." I say too the driver. "Then go, we are at the back." He says. I jump out the car, pushing open the door. None of his friends were in there, and the music was dead. I walked over to the computer, grabbing the chip, and putting it in my pocket. I then ran out too the car. We speeded of too the a nearby embassy. 

A man walked up to me. "How may this man kill my brother?" He said. "This is the dictator brot... don't kill him!" A cia agent says. "Once you kill his brother he will take the role as dictator, and will help fight the war on terrorism, using his family's dead as fuel." "I've already kill his son." I said. They both seem surprised at what I said. "We expect there too be a wait time." The agent replied. "I shot him three times, and shot his bouncer twice." I say. The both have a face of horror, and fear. "He was the bouncer!" The brother says in broken English. "You idot!" He said in Arabic. "He will kill us all, and fund isis if he survives." "I didn't know... I'm sorry." I say in Arabic. An agent walks in. "Don't worry, he's dead. We just unplugged his life support." He says. "Thank heaven, and all that is holy." The brother says in broken English. "We don't want you too attack the family, we want you too go on a massacre in the capital. We'll kill the family, your job is to make it look like a massacre." He said. "How will I escape?!" I asked. "You won't, you'll get arrested, but then we'll free you, and fly you back to Israel." He replied. 

I walk towards the crowd, I grabbed my pistol, and shot 3 warning shots. I then hear there screams, and watched as they scattered. I then fired my last 2 bullets in the magazine. As I reloaded my pistol, a man shoved me against the wall, I felt a sharp pain as a pocket knife broke through my skin. "I won't die." I say calmly in Arabic. "I've killed thousands, just for this moment. I've nearly been killed over 400 times." He begins too look shocked. I kicked at him, grabbing his arm as he flied backward. I twisted his arm, I then unloaded my pistol on too him. He fell to the ground. I see the dictator run pass me. I grab him from behind, slowly blood leaves me as I pull out the knife. I begin stabbing him, after a few moments of stabbing his neck, and head, I pull on his clothes, slowly choking him with his own scarf. I begin stumbling down the path, leaning against houses too keep my balance. I throw the gun to the ground as I walk down an alley way. People were still panicking, police began looking for me, but not knowing they were looking for me. "Don't worry." A man yells in Arabic running towards me. I then fall too the ground, he begins cleaning my wound. I was covered in both the dictator blood, and my own so it looked like I had been massacred. After he had dressed my wounds he ran off somewhere. I got up, and began walking way from the capital. I watched as cops ran past me, looking for me. I began walking to my car, I began thinking about calling the us. As soon as I got to my car, I told them the dictator was dead. 

I was sent back to my home in Israel, this was just an average day on the job; however change is starting too happen.


  • Feb 22, 2020

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