If I Was Like My Darling Read Count : 16

Category : Poems

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Wish everybody know about my disability 

treat me differently,

if I have a bad word as my name they 

could make fun at it oppressor me 

push me into a black hole. 

Would they give me a miserable life? 

it’s make me feel insecure 

never going to trust them 

if I was like my darling, 

keep this a secret lock it up

don’t want anybody to know 

about it. 

how could they do this to me? 

I don’t want them to do this to me

if I was in my sweetheart’s shoes 

I would know how it’s feel like, 

want to dig deeper to 

understand him more 

I never have this experience. 

Would they give me a miserable life? 

strongly want to learn more about it 

being in his position 

to discover the reason behind it 

the more I know about this 

want to have empathy toward this person, 

I’m his girlfriend love him dearly 

if I was like my darling. 


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