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In the previous story the 9 students are 
Get a very close friends.

Now, the present story was about the full of love.
They all are finding there loves and falling love ❣️

Let enter the story.....

Firstly the Kishore was the falling love.

One day early in the school Kishore was seen a girl in "IIT CLASS" SHE'S Name was *kreethi* . Kreethi was a very beautiful girl in the IIT class and so many boys was tried to flirting with her but kreethi was a very intelligent girl. So, the Kishore was a tried a lot .

But it was not work,so Kishore was taken lite thinking about kreethi.After a long day 
It's was a weekend and it's an exam .

By the god crazy Kishore and kreethi was a sitting in the same bench and Kishore was a little nervous, he can't control her feelings on kreethi. But kreethi was understand that Kishore was want to talk with her !

After some time kreethi was ask to Kishore do you want to talk to me?

Kishore : Yes, kreethi I want to talk with youand I am trying to talk with you form so many days.

Kreethi : ok, then talk now !

Kishore : kreethi I Saw u at the first day of the school that day I was not understand why my eyes are want to look ur face and smile. As a very second of the day o wan to look you .

Kreethi : so , you was trying to propose me?

Kishore : Yes, but I'm sure about u are the one  I want to share my heart♥️ with you.
Do u share my life?

Kreethi : I Need to some time to think about it!and why we both  can spend time together to know each other has a normal person ?

Kishore : YA ok . But I LOVE YOU ♥️ FOR EVER KREETHI.

Kreethi : Kishore listen first we have to know each other to make a better decision in our life.

Kishore : kreethi I love you has *Just You Are* and I just saw your heart ! Not any other things.

After they chatting two weeks kreethi call to Kishore and said *I love you* to Kishore .
That day I saw the really love in my school and they was very Happy in they relationship of the six months and they two are our school love birds who never got a any kind problems in there lovestory .

But in the school I saw anthor  love couple's who got a fight always and just for few minutes and after that they are normal .

I cannot understand that why the couple's always do that thing's ? 

Later that I understand the pure clean love 
Was got always fights to show there how much they love eachother .
Now,I go and ask Kishore and kreethi why u are not get any fight ?

Then they said to me 

Kreethi : In the love u have to be a understanding of what they do!

Kishore : Ya, But in love there is a sacrifice the some things to ur love...

( After that day kreethi ask to Kishore let's go to the movie.kishore also said ok )

In movie hall Kishore's classmate Harika saw them and I ask why u both are here?

Kishore and kreethi  was started the nervous to say that they in love .

Finally they said there relationship to Harika and Harika take a little time and said them (ok,enjoy the movie and I not going to saw anyone you are in love )so, that time onwards they are friends. 

{but in relationship we have to spend a lot of time with our girl friend and at a same time with our friends also}

Slowly Harika and Kishore was getting a very close and kreethi dose'nt like that .
Kishore was trying to say that Harika and him was a just friends .

Kreethi taken a long time to adjust the friendship and she goes to Harika and said that sorry to missunderstand they friendship.

Harika said that Kishore was a nice guy and he do anything for you kreethi plz don't leave him .

Kreethi go to Kishore and said that sorry for that thing's I have do!

Kishore said that kreethi you are one I one can judge me what I  do in life..

I love you for ever



  • Feb 20, 2020

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