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On the 16th or 17th of September 2019, I was getting dressed to go to the shop to get some sweets. Then my dad called me back and told me to get some onions for dinner, I asked him "Do you want me to go Morrisons?" Because its cheaper and easier, but he said "No, get them from the shop" I said "Fine" so I went to the shop to buy onions and sweets. The shop only sells a whole bag of onions so I got him those instead which only costs £1.99 

When I got home, I gave him the onions and when I gave it to him, he looked at me like thunder and he yelled at me "WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!?" I replied "From the shop where YOU told me to go" "I ONLY WANTED 3" He screamed "I'm sorry, that's the only ones they got!" I replied in fear. 

I was SO angry, that I marched towards the street door, opened it and slammed it "BANG!" went the door and continued to stomp and marched like a angry elephant that escaped from a zoo. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed "I'M FUCKING SORRY, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and lifted up a shopping trolley and threw it across the pavement. I was super duper angry and everyone think I was drunk or a drug addict.

Also, an old lady saw my appearance, she never saw a person so furious in her life. My face and eyes were red, steam was shooting out of my ears, lava and ash jets up in the air out of my head and tearing up.

After ages of ranting and raging in public like a maniac, I calmly went back home, exhausted. Luckily I brought my key me and opened the door, as I was going upstairs my mum called me to her room. She gave me a hug and apologised about what happened. She said that when I was ranting and screaming like a mad-man, I was being watched by one of my sister's mates and saw me threw a shopping trolley and called my parents to ask them what's wrong with your son?

Hours later, my dad apologised. Shockingly, no one called the police. 


  • Feb 20, 2020

  • Leah Veach

    Leah Veach

    be careful if this is true. there could be anger issue to deal with quickly!!

    Feb 20, 2020

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