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As you fell asleep last night, 
I kissed your forehead goodnight
How lovely you were in my sight
Like the brightest star in the night

Then reality started to bite
The pain made my chest feel tight
"Where the hell could I get the might?
To tell you the word, Goodbye?"

If only I can stay that long
If only I can bring you along
But life does not work that way
We need to pay before we can play

And tears began to wet my eyes
I'm sorry, I couldn't rethrow the dice
"I must leave", I hate to say you this
But I'll be back.That is a promise

I hope you won't lose the faith
I'll prove to you I'm worth
 the wait
Goodbye is just my way of sayin'
"Please keep my heart. 'til we meet again


  • Gena Bates

    Gena Bates


    Feb 20, 2020

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