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you’re my precious thing to me 
deep down in my heart you 
meant for me a lot more, so 
important in my love life 
always care for you. 
Why I love you so much? 
since you walk into my heart 
have change who I am today 
I’m going to be the one truly love you for you, 
I’ll treat you right I’m not always perfect.
I would try my best to be 
a good girlfriend to you, 
I feel so happy to have you in my life 
there’s nobody would understand 
me like you do. 
Would I ever know you had a crush on me before we become a couple? 
I’m so happy you are mine 
I won’t let anyone hurt you 
no matter I’m your girlfriend, 
I’m your suit of armor 
if they come at you 
they’re get through me.
How could I do it? 
you do everything for me 
now it’s my turn 
show to you how much I love you,
if you’re feeling down I’m here for you 
I’m always going to be in your heart. 
Wouldn’t they know how much I love you? 
you’re my true love 
I’m going to do everything for you 
show you how much I love you, 
I’m going to be by your side 
don’t be afraid I wouldn’t leave you.
Could they know we love each other? 
know you could protect yourself 
I want to show you how much I care about you 
let me do my part, 
if you need to cry I’ll give you  
shoulder to cry on 
I just want to give you my love to you. 
You’re my true love 
I would let your dream come true, 
if you’re happy I’m happy 
I promise wouldn’t tell a soul about 
you had told me 
I’m going to love you forever and always. 


  • Feb 19, 2020

  • Feb 19, 2020

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