Past, Present, And Future (Tribute To Those Who Influenced My Life) Read Count : 28

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   Every once in awhile, I think about the people I met in my past call my present, and future. When we are children, we often forget the number if people we meet in our lives. From our friend's parents in elementary school; some of our of our neighbors or people who live in the same neighborhood. Even when they do small things to help guide us in the right direction. But one thing we may forget, is the fact that they influence our lives even without realizing.
   Though, I'm nearing 29 years old I look back on the number of people I've met and my past and think about how they affected my life. Some people affecting  my life in small ways, and some of those people in ways that were never expected. Thanks to these people, I see things from different views and have learned some very valuable lessons. Thanks to some of these people, I get reminded a very valuable lessons which I strive to use on a daily basis. Whether it be a simple lesson like kindness to strangers, or are more difficult lesson like how to follow instructions to a complicated machine I work piece-by-piece in gratitude for what they've given me. Never say a person is never important, because good or bad, they have more value than what you realize. Every day, is always a lesson in disguise.


  • Feb 20, 2020

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