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   There are times in our lives, which we may look back into the past wondering how things may have turned out differently. I remember in my youth, a special education teacher used to give me answers to the questions. She still required that would show the work, but my problem was different from the others. The physical factors, doing the work was more difficult than my ability to understand it. I am actually more intellectually intelligent than average, but the physical factors always held me back in school. To be honest, I didn't like her from the beginning of when I met her. But, I had to put up with her for four years through middle school and my first year of high school.
   I wish I had had a personal aide, doing all the writing for me. I would have performed much better if I had been given that option. However, when I was handed off to another teacher, things changed for me gradually. Susan Kingston was a big help to me, she was basically treating me as if she was my personal aide. Slowly working to guide me in the right direction. When she left, I ended up with Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Alka. I struggled with the change, but I am grateful even though it didn't show very well.
   The two of them, guided me in the direction I needed to go. One of them understood just how capable I was, even though the school basically tried holding me back instead of giving me the option of reaching my potential. I worked step by step cutting down my workload and trying to simply learn to understand the work and how to do it. Particularly mathmatics was among the most difficult, writing numbers and solving problems piece by piece. Thanks to this knowledge that was passed on to me, I am able to do basic calculations very quickly. Also, I have adapted to using voice-to-text technology, which cuts my typing time by 90% of my standard typing time. When you take the time to understand something, it stays with you forever. If you do not take the time to understand the problem what you're facing, then you will never be able to solve it.


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