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Once upon my childhood friend ask me,let's get together meet with the all  our school  friends?
That day I say ok. but got an idea which was to make one memorable day in all my friends life and I started the writing the store of the me and my friends with a lot fun,love, fightings.

Now let's get into the story of 

{In the story of a 9 friends are having a individual stories of the personal lifes}

The nine person are

In the school days SAMPATH, CHITTY, MOULALi, prakash are friends form the 4class and they are very attitude funny guys in class that was the end of the 4cls and the one guy enters there life to changed their lifestyle and  he's name was "Trivedh" he also slowly stated the friendship with the SAMPATH, CHITTY, MOULALi, PRAKASH and now they're are five people who can do anything in the school that's a good or bad.
After the 6cls they enter the 7cls in the 7th standard the SAMPATH stared falling love with the girl name was *Harika*she was the Short and beautiful in our class.
The Harika also started the felling the SAMPATH's love and she was getting information about the SAMPATH to know he was a good or bad person ,but she knows the he was middle of the two.
"Harika"took some time to think about it .
After a few days they started the chatting together in (FB )for the two months.
Finally "Harika" said to the SAMPATH I AM also love u ❤️
They two was the first couple in our 7class and they relationship was nice. 
Some months later they got breakup and they two was started a new life in class.

{Now we in 8 class }

We don't some people comes and they enters and they fastly mingle with us they're
Kishore, madhav, Shankar, prabhakar.

Now we are the problem of school
That which every time we was the outstanding students in total campus and most wanted students in the school who's bunks a class and spoil School atmosphere in the Sunday class .

Madhav and Kishore was the besties in the class and Shankar and prabhakar are besties and sampath and trivedh are besties and me and chitty and MOULALi are the besties in the class.

But ones day MOULALi  was suddenly changed the school and he want off to the other school.
That day onwards me and chitty was gets a very close friend .

{Now they all are stared the love in there life}       


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