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The fall wrap up to nearly winter in New york. As the crisp trees and warm air front becomes bit chilly. The students Mikoda conversate as class ends.  They all talk among themselves  except Mikki.

She had her hair up in a little ponytail with red ribbon tie to it. Every one think she adorable and annoying.. evwr since she talked to mikoda the last time, she became frigid.

She sat in the staircase by the exit door on the third floor. Her mind was sensitive at this time. " all i want to do is help the guy. How did i not see myself as troublemaker?"

Her tears emerge from her eyes as she sit their in woes and the exit door opens slightly. She looks up and saw the head nurse Ms. Sachiko.

"Hii Ms. Sachiko."

The nurse with blue haired curls and blue eyes as she smiled at Mikki and offered her hands to the girl. She grabbed the nurse hands and pulled her self up.

"Ms. Mikki; let walk and talk to my office. "

They both walked down the stairs and to their way to Ms. Sachiko office. She breathes slowly and Ms. Sachiko opens the door to her office. Mikki walks in and see the assistant nurse with medium brown hair and brown eyes wait patiently for Ms. Sachiko .

The head nurse nods at her assistant and she closed the door to the office. Then she walks off to the teacher lounge for minute.

"Please have a seat and relax Ms. Ikkoumen."

Milki finds a seat in the chair next to her desk on the further side of office. Then Ms. Sachiko sat across from mikki and rest her eyes on the girl .

" So tell me, what got you so gloomy today?" She said as she smiled and offered a comfort ear to understand. Mikki sighs and she really cannot afford to made things worse for Mikoda. She knows she had to talk to someone. 

"It is nothing Ms. Sachiko. I just looked out for someone and i made things worse."

"Oh who says  It to you?' She answered back in disbelief of what been told to her and look curious to know more.

"A Boy that i know."

"Boys." Ms. Sachiko smirked on her face as she thought of the son of jerk who could it be. " whyy would he say such terrible thing?"

" it is true. I did something without think it." Mikki eyes did not even
Met with Sachiko eyes. She really did felt to pleasing.

Sachiko noticed and exhale deeply out of her mouth. She thought how she can ease the girl woes. As her eyes studied and mikki think about Mikoda feelings.

He is ill tempered and dark vain person. No one really knows if he has soft side. He just normal boy. 

"Mikki don't be sad. It's a terrible mistake but you should learned from it and move on. Boys like the guys do not need your care.'

Mikki whom started to cry remains silence. Her tears begin to leave small pools of water at the desk.  Nurse Sachiko rolls her eyes and grabs box of tissue from her paper cabinet. She started to take few pieces and wipe her desk dry. 

" i am sorry, if i am at make a puddle . "

Sachiko looks up and heard the mumble words from the girl. She grabbed tissue from the box and gave it to Mikki.  Her hands wiped her tears with the tissue. 

" thank you. I just have hard time be generous as i am."

Sachiko leaned  towards mikki  and she let the girl rested her head on her shoulders. 

 "I understand. I was your age once. You must know that your young and there be more young boys to win you. "

"...you think so. " Mikki looked up at Sachiko with her small brown eyes. 

"Oh yes, you must not be discouraged. "

The girl left the nurse office and waddled in her last few classes of the day. While Mikoda wraps up 
His last few piles of dishes, he never knew that pair of heels would visit him soon. 

He washed his hands and  then dry them off.  He passed his manager as the old geizer smirked in his chair. 

Mikoda stopped and faced his boss . His heart raced inside of his body. 

" you did okay please keep up the good work. "

Mikoda nods his head and leaves the ramen shoppes. He walks down the street  and  until he sees  a timid girl standing at his home shelter. Shes fair skin with mahony hair.

"Mikki. " he says calmly and her eyes study him.  She breathes Deep and he watches her. He remains calm quiter  . Though her next move is come closer and he  skids off in the gate. She stood in there hurted .
"I just want to try to talk and reconcile  ." 

Mikki Ikomuen leaves Mikoda place and he close his curtains. He turned on the shower and take deep breath.  He took off his  clothes and immerse in the warm waters . 

The end chpter 4


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