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From consequential confinement 
My emotional plumbing
Is clogged with resentment
Sour odorous feelings
All encompassing 
And lacking excitement

Handily without flattery
  I manfully grapple my vanity 
         Away from 
Contrived chaotic calamity
I meraculously aviod insanity
As everything holds me down
           Even gravity........
Spineless hopeless 
Divoid any purpose 
catatonically splayed open
Ephemoral fleeting moments 
Leave me frozen And unfocused
At the very same time 
 Silently subconsciencely 
I transfer troublesome memories
To the trash
As i lacklusterly listen 
To loose lips 
talking out of turn
Every chance
Out their ass

Callously using free will 
And profanity
I missed the message
Serious self reflection
For future referance
Upon such shared correction
It is unkind to use deception 
Impolite to portray perfection 
Through secretly dicected
Propaganda collected
Plus self righteous reserected

How dare you degrade 
My self dignity
I think its fair to say 
You expected me to fall 
And forever fade into infinity 
But i bluffed your call
When you tried to stall
With outspoken truths
You must bare the burden of proof
It behooves me 
Not to lose
To any overzealous spoof 
Whos jealous, helpless,
Quietly bruised
Flagrantly Exagerant
Holding pertenent clues
To mysterious truths 
From therepoint of view
Put yourself in my shoes
Its time to cash  the reality check
For such a short time 
Its been long overdue
I held my breath 
Until i turned blue
  Now  Im through.............,1/8/20


  • Itd ok. I dont like poems that much

    Feb 17, 2020

  • Feb 18, 2020

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