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Dear Journal, this is Ben Goldfield, I'm an agent apart of the FBI. I'm still a high school and I'm about to go to college.

I have a mutant as a girlfriend and just met her overprotective friends, sister, and parents.

Right now, I'm reading a blog demanding my girlfriend and her sister get kicked out of school, the amount  of people that agree is ridiculous.

One more thing, I forgot to mention I'm gifted and part time I work at a Flower shop.

I'm an orphan, I lost my parents during a trip to England, when a serial killer attacked my mother and father; I was able to protect my little brothers by hitting the killer with my baseball bat.

I grew up always looking on the bright side of things, I cooked for my brothers until they got their own jobs and were able to take care of themselves, we still keep in touch.

But, back to school, I'm afraid trouble will come.

Right next to the lunchroom, there is the counselor room, where Kaima and her counselor are discussing about what college is fit for Kaima.

The woman has short blonde hair, wearing a blue suit and black shoes, sitting behind an organized desk.

"Since a writer is what career path you want to take. Creative studies or  the C.S. College for authors or manga writers", the woman figured out.

"Thanks, Ms. Greenpatch", said Kaima.

"Your Welcome, here's the details of the course you will be taking next week", said Ms. Greenpatch, sliding some papers to Kaima.

Kaima puts it in her bag, which she teleported from her phone.

"Now, we need to talk about an important matter", said Greenpatch, putting her hands on the table, looking at Kaima seriously.

"And that is?" asked Kaima, confused.

"Your tail, claws, and fangs. You being a mutant is all over the news", Ms. Greenpatch pointed out.

"Oh. You mean that blog, well it's just the school blog...wait...The news?" Kaima realized, what Ms. Greenpatch is talking about.

Ms. Greenpatch grabs her remote, and turns on the TV.

The TV shows a woman who has mixed colored hair, wearing a black suit holding a microphone, and says "I'm standing here today, where a crowd of parents are outside demanding that the two students: Kaima and Mina Amadell be kicked out. This started with an anonymous blog showing the student Mina Amadell attacking another girl with her powers. Some of the students have shown us pictures of Mina's sister: Kaima".

"I'm live!" gasped Kaima.

Kaima dives under the desk, and says "Mina is going to flip".

"Forget her, how do you feel?" Ms. Greenpatch asks Kaima.

"What does it matter? Since Mina and I are probably going to get kicked out", Kaima answers Ms. Greenpatch with her head down.

Ms. Greenpatch sees how Kaima is feeling and says "Don't say that, you knew there would be some judgement, but beside that you decided to come to school and convince your sister, parents, and friends to let you come".


"I can feel… the hearts of scared parents", Kaima admitted.

"Really? That's one of your powers", asked Ms. Greenpatch, surprised.

Kaima nodded.

"Could you try to reach them and tell them there's nothing to be afraid of?" asked Ms. Greenpatch, rubbing Kaima's hair.

"I...could try, but this power makes my head hurt", Kaima says nervously.

Ms. Greenpatch gets on her knees, puts her hands on Kaima's face, and says "Focus, feel the happiness that lies in the people you know, and use it as your strength ".

Kaima closes her eyes, breaths slowly and calmly, her body is glowing with a golden aura, she flies up to the ceiling; Ms. Greenpatch smiles, and whispers "I believe in you".

Kaima put both hands on her heart, the golden aura in the form of spirits going to the parents outside, and they are becoming calmer; Ms. Greenpatch smiles until she hear the reporter saying that Kaima or Mina is causing the parents to act weird.

Kaima glows brighter, the golden aura circles around her back, growing from it is white feathers, she slowly lands in Ms. Greenpatch's arms.

"Kaima! Are you okay?" called Ms. Greenpatch, seeing Kaima's eyes closed.

Kaima slowly opens her eyes, and says "I'm fine, but the crowd is going to the principal's office with the reporter".

"Yeah. But, I have a feeling that somebody is about to stop them", Ms. Greenpatch could tell.

The TV shows Jasmine with her camera crew block the principal's office.

Jasmine gives a hand signal, and says "STOP!" 

The parents stop, but the reporter walks closer, and says “Why?”

“Because you are causing trouble for other students from art class behind her.

“Exactly! Besides your being unreasonable, your asking for two students to be kicked out and you know nothing about them or if their powers are dangerous”, Jasmine agreed with Kina.

“Everybody knows those two sisters, graduating from a karate class, attacking whoever they like especially that trouble making Kaima”, said one of the parents.

“Especially our sons”, pointed out another parent.

"My son tried to ask her to the dance, but she punched him to him to the floor, smiled, and says "Sorry, I don't go out with people in the debate club". Can you believe that?" A mother remembered.

"So! Not every girl is interested in boys, that doesn't make her bad", Kina argued.

Some of the other parents agreed with Kina's statement.

"But, what about that clip of the older sister attacking another student?" asked a father.

"Did you see the part, where she stops?" asked Mina's best friend.

"I stopped her, from attacking Patricia", stated Mina's best friend. "My name is Lily, and Mina's best friend".

This made the reporter smile and asks "Who is this Patricia?"

"She's this arrogant, immature, self-absorbed brat, that's always trying to get a scoop on everybody and make them look bad", Lily answered with anger.

The parents were shocked to hear Lily's answer.

Across the hallway, students from Mina's class were smiling.

"That's my BFF", said Mina.

"Whoo! Lily!" cheered A boy.

"Somebody finally said how much of a witch, Patricia is", another boy agreed.

Back at the principal's office.

The reporter with a smirk, asks Lily "Do you have any proof, Lily?"

Lily sends messages to the parents, which is the school surveillance tape, this tape shows how cruel Patricia is to Mina and how she runs away.

"See! There's no reason to kick Kaima or Mina out of school", Lily replied to the parents.

The other parents agreed with the new evidence except one parent and comes out of the crowd.

That person is revealed to have jet black hair, wearing a dark purple suit, and shoes to match.

"Mr. Daniel!" gasped Jasmine. 

"Dad!" Lily gasped.

"As much as I appreciate the effort my daughter made to convince all you parents, but I can't let this be", Mr. Daniel decided.

"Why not? Why not, dad?" asked Lily.

Mr. Daniel gets out a handbook, and says "Section 5 C, clearly states that no irregular activities, cases, or people are allowed in around or in the school".

Jasmine snatches the handbook, and sees what Mr. Daniel said is legit.

"Why would he make a rule like? We're not even that far into the future to worry about killer robots, zombies, mummies or aliens", wondered Jasmine, while looking in the handbook.

"I thought it would be a funny joke, I forgot I made that offical", stated the principal.

"Don't worry, this will work in our favor, I'll summon the boy", typed the principal's phone, showing the words being typed in green.

"Isn't it too soon?" asked the principal, worried.

"Nope, the goth girl is already is already heading to his class", the phone typed again, then shows surveillance of Annabelle walking into the classroom.

"Okay", said the principal.

"Now, make the official announcement", the phone made it's finale request.

The principal sits down, put the microphone by him, and says "Do to the unfortunate rule, I found in the rulebook, Kaima and Mina are expelled for the rest of the year".

Everybody was shocked, even the parents except Mr. Daniel.

Kaima hits the wall, and says "Maybe, I can tell the future too".

"Kaima! Wait", called Ms. Greenpatch, holding Kaima's arm to stop her.

"I appreciate your help, but it's too late. I'll go get Mina", Kaima says, not looking at Ms. Greenpatch.

Kaima walks out of the door, with her head down in the empty hallway.

Ms. Greenpatch locks her door, and follows Kaima.

"I can sense you", Kaima tells Ms. Greenpatch.

"I'm not leaving a student in need alone, especially not you", said Ms. Greenpatch.

"How do you feel about me?" Wondered Kaima, noticing Ms. Greenpatch's heart is beating fast.

"I like you, but that doesn't matter, what matters is your education and your feelings; and both are equally important for school", Ms. Greenpatch spoke truthfully.

"Your heart", said Kaima. 

"Huh?" asked Ms. Greenpatch.

"Your heart… your heart tells a different story… but, that story is something you figured out during the weekend", Kaima analyzed.

Ms. Greenpatch is surprised, and says "Does that mean? You don't want to be around me".

"On the contrary, I…" said Kaima,  turning to Ms. Greenpatch.

Kaima hugs Ms. Greenpatch, and says "I'm touched".

Ms. Greenpatch hugs Kaima back, and says "I'm glad, most people are scared by this kind of relationship".

"Are you kidding, I love student-teacher relationships", gleamed Kaima.

"You know we can't  actually date", Ms. Greenpatch reminds Kaima.

"I know, besides I… nevermind", Kaima nodded.

Ms. Greenpatch kisses Kaima on the cheek.

"Ms. Greenpatch!" Reacted Kaima, blushing.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself", Ms. Greenpatch apologizes.

"Let's just go, before someone sees us", Kaima takes Ms. Greenpatch's hand, who's still blushing.

In a minute, they see Mina talking to Lily, who's crying and has her arms around Mina's waist.

"Should we interrupt them?" asked Ms. Greenpatch, sweetly.

Kaima without any hesitation, whistles at Mina, Mina turns to her, and tell her to come here with her hands.

Kaima walks to Mina.

"Hello, Lily", said Kaima, with a smile.

"Hello, Kaima", said Lily, with a smile.

Then, Lily and Kaima give each other a deadly glare with an aura of fire.

"My. My. My. What tension", said Ms. Greenpatch fanning the flames.

"This happens every time these two together, ever since they first ever met, I still don't know why", said Mina.

"Hmmm…" smiled Ms. Greenpatch. 

"Your crush is a fantasy, you and my sister are going to stay as friends", Kaima tells Lily, telepathically.

"I will make my fantasy a reality, and I'll have plenty of opportunities, since we'll be in college", Lily messages back.

Ms. Greenpatch gets in-between Lily and Kaima, runs Kaima's hair; and says "Now. Now. Shouldn't we get along with your sister's sibling or best friend".

"Okay", Kaima agreed.

"Fine", Lily agrees as well.

Lily and Kaima put their head together, and Kaima says "This isn't over".

Lily growls at Kaima, and says "I agree, we'll continue this later".

Mina takes Lily's hand, and leading her away, and says "Come on".

"What was that?" asked Ms. Greenpatch, concerned.

"Just a friendly rivalry between two people", said Kaima, rubs Ms. Greenpatch's hair.

At that time, Jasmine runs through the hallway, hugs Kaima, and smiles.

Annabelle and Kina are right behind her.


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