Kaima's Adventures Book 1 Chapter 5 Read Count : 15

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Dear Journal, this is Kina Wolfberry and right now it’s five a.m. and my friends and I are about to wake Kaima up.

It’s August 11th, 2034, and we’re in the hallway right now.

In Quick detail, I can give you is my dad got stuck in jail because he sold those accidental toxic vapor/cigarettes that were created to give people an extra flavor, but instead it killed them.

Since my mom was on a business trip, I had no choice, but to stay with Kaima, hearing the bad news, Kaima invited everybody to the beach.

But, while getting our drinks, Kaima gets crushed by a meteor and turns into a mutant as well.

So far, we met Cat: Dr. Lima’s girlfriend, and a jokester.

Dr. Lima, a mad scientist and an emotionless person.

Neddy, a clingy friend of Cat’s.

Jennie, an easily annoyed person.

Last, Ben, Kaima’s romantic boyfriend.

Now, we’re probably going to have the worst day of school ever.

Kina, Anabelle, and Marvin slowly opens the door, seeing Kaima being hugged by Ben and Jasmine wrapped around Kaima’s tail.

Kina, Marvin, and Anabelle in front of them screams “SURPRISE!”

Ben, Kaima, and Jasmine wake up normally instead of being shocked.

“Good morning, Kaima and Jasmine”, said the friends in unison with aI get the  smile.

They give Ben a cold look.

‘Why do I get the cold look first thing in the morning?’ wondered Ben in his mind.

Jasmine looks at the mirror, fixing her hair.

“Are you ready to show the school, who you are?” asked  Anabelle, without any expression on her face.

“Please, Anabelle, i’m always ready”, said Kaima.

“I’ll help you pick out, your outfit”, Jasmine insisted.

“I’ll help you with your makeup”, Anabelle decided.

“I’ll bring breakfast, let’s go Ben”,

Marvin helps.

“Why me?” asked Ben.

“Ben! You want me to starve?” complained Kaima, with puppy eyes.

Ben gives a nervous smile, and says “ I would at least to kiss you”.

Kaima smiles, hugs Ben, pulls him back, and says “But not with my bad morning breath”.

Ben kisses Kaima on the forehead, and says “Understood”.

“Aww!” commented Jasmine.

Anabelle and Marvin look at Jasmine with a shock.

“I saw them acting lovey dovey”, Jasmine shrugs her shoulders. “It touched my heart”.

Ben joins Kaima in the bathroom, and says “Can we at least brush your teeth together?”

“Fine”, Kaima agrees to by shrugging her shoulders.

After thirty seconds, Anabelle drags 

Ben out of the bathroom.

Marvin leads Ben out the door.

Outside the door, Ben looks puzzled and annoyed.

“Why do they hate me?” asked Ben, following Marvin.

Marvin giggles, and says “They don’t hate you, in fact they like you”.

“But… what? How can you tell?” questioned Ben.

“Their best friend, besides we all made an agreement to trust you as long as you are dating Kaima”, Marvin explains, while walking downstairs.

“And you agreed to that?” asked Ben.

“We are very protective of Kaima, she’s like family to us, and family stick together”, Marvin informs Ben.

“Oh! So, you see as an enemy because I might take Kaima away or spend too much time with her”, Ben analyzed, as he entered the kitchen.

“I’m glad, you get it because it anything goes wrong during school, they’ll need somebody to scold”, Marvin warns Ben, as he pours coffee in a cup with whip cream.

“No pressure, who’s the coffee for?” asked Ben, leaning on the counter.

“Anabelle”, said Marvin, putting cherries on the whip cream.

“She drinks coffee?” questioned Ben, as he pushes the big red button on the microwave.

“Yeah! Ever since she was 12”, said Marvin, putting the coffee on the tray.

“What about her parents?” Ben asks curiously, sounding worried too, as the mechanical hand makes pancakes and are now flipping pancakes.

“Dead. She lives on her own in that old house/mansion by the cemetery”, Marvin responds, as he put two breads in the toaster.

Ben almost out of questions, puts chocolate icing on the pancakes, and the mechanical hand stacks the pancakes on the tray.

“How did you meet?” asked Ben. “I mean I thought Kaima doesn’t get along with boys”,

“She doesn’t, but it was special, when we met”, said Marvin, pouring orange juice in a cup, then puts it on a different tray.

“How? And how old were you?" Ben says, as he puts butter on the toast.  

As Marvin get the toast out of the toaster, he tells his phone to open the drawing app. 

Ben sees the project projection of Marvin with the other boys as a little kid.

"We were about five or six, I was hanging out with some boys, when we saw Kaima practicing karate, but one of the boys made me make a bet that I have to get Kaima, to talk to me", Marvin explains, as he gives hand gestures to the mechanical hand to make pancakes into the shape of stars.

Then sits down, and he sees the projection shows Marvin nervously walking to Kaima, who is drinking apple juice, and sitting on a tree branch that was knocked down.

Kaima was about to twist Marvin's arm, when she sees a comic book out of Marvin's bag, that was wrapped up.

Kaima's eyes glow and saw how scared Marvin looked and hug him, at the same time she declared Marvin is her new best friend. 

The other boys were shocked. 

The projection shows a little girl under the tree up appear.

Annabelle, Kaima introduces her to him.

Two other girls joined Kaima, Marvin, and Annabelle, which is Jasmine and Kina. 

Kaima reading Marvin's comics and starts laughing. 

The projection ends, and Marvin is using robotic arms to hold two trays. 

Ben carries the other trades, then they both walk upstairs.

"I forgot to mention that Karima only agreed to be my friend because I was the only boy that didn't run away at her at first glance", said Marvin.

"Did she ever have a crush on any other boys?" asked Ben. 

"Many other guys would ask her out, but she always turn them down, but you're the only guy she has asked out, unless you ask her out",  Marvin tells Ben, as they walk in the hallway.

Marvin tells Ben, as they walk in the hallway.

"We talked on the phone and asked each other out", Ben admitted, while blushing.

As they open the door, hugs Marvin and says "Marvin, I'm starving where's my food".

"I won't give it to you, if you beg",  Marvin jokes. 

Kaima gets on her knees, puffs up her face, and says "Your cruel and when I'm dying".

Marvin puts the trays on the table, then he breaks the pancake with a fork and feeds it to Kaima.

Kaima gets up, then spins Marvin around, and says "I love you, Marvin, you're a lifesaver and is that chocolate icing".

"It is", said Ben.

Kaima turns to Ben, and says "You did this for you, thank you".

Kaima finally gets up, and asks "What do you think of my outfit?"

Ben sees Kaima's hair in a ponytail with laces around the ponytail in the shape of bows which is the color blue, wearing a dark pink shirt with long sleeves, regular pink skirt, and has pink lipstick.

"You look lovely", said Ben.

Kaima blushed, and puts her head down.

Ben blushes a little too.

Kina clears her throat, which makes Kaima puts her head up, that results in Ben and Kaima looking in each other's eyes, then she kisses Ben on the lips; which surprised Ben.

Kaima turned red after she moves her lips from Ben, then she covers her mouth with her head.

"Kaima, I…" said Ben.

"I felt, like a good morning kiss", said Kaima, avoiding Ben's eyes.

"It's okay, I was just surprised, your kisses are nice", said Ben.

Kaima blushes even more, then hit Ben, and says "Ben! How could you say something so embarrassing, and in front of my friends".

"I was just complimenting you", said Ben, using his arm to avoid Kaima's hits.

"Well, it was still embarrassing", reacted Kaima.

Ben pulls Kaima in from her hug, and says "I'm sorry, but I admire everything about you, so I'll compliment you because I love everything about you, whether it's embarrassing or not".

"Fine, I'll accept your apology one condition say 'I love you and nobody else', and a kiss on the forehead", Kaima decided.

"I love you and nobody else", said Ben, and kiss her on the forehead.

"I forgive you", said Kaima.

"Great", said Ben.

Kaima pushes Ben into the bathroom, and says "Now, get dressed, I'm going to check on Mina, my mom and dad".

"Okay, but don't be gone too long, I want to discuss what will we do, while I'm in college", Ben tells Kaima, while in the bathroom.

After Kaima left, Kina, Marvin, Anabelle, and Jasmine look at the bathroom door.

Anabelle walks to the door first, and says "Ben, listen, we want to trust you, but unless you tell us what you think about Kaima becoming a mutant and going to normal school honestly”>

“I know she’s scared of her powers and i’m afraid too, but being worried isn’t going to help Kaima”, Ben gives his honest answer.

“You are an honorable guy”, said Jasmine. “Jasmine?”

Jasmine switches places with Anabelle, and says “Ben, how far are you planning to take this relationship? Do you really love her more than anyone else? Or do you not want to break her heart?”

Ben is silent for a moment, with his head on the door and his hands.

Then, Ben takes a deep breath.

Out of the silence, everybody glares at the door, as Jasmine is about to walk away, Ben says “I do love her”.

Jasmine with hand gestures, makes everybody stand by the door with her.

“I understand how she feels about other males, and I love how she doesn’t care how people see her. I love absolutely everything about her, when she told me about you guys and I knew you would ask me this; After all, your her family, and I’ll treat you like that. I know it will take awhile for you to trust me, but I hope knowing that this is the first time, I fell in love”,  Marvin, Jasmine, and Kina were crying not making any noise; Anabelle touches her heart.

Jasmine with tears in her eyes, says “Ben, if we find out that you’re lying we’ll never forgive you because means more to us to anybody in the world”.

“She helped us at our most miserable, and all we want to see is her smile”, responded Kina.

“So, you’re better be the best boyfriend ever”, reacted Marvin.

“I advise you to think wisely about how you treat Kaima today because we will be watching you”, Annabelle advised Ben.

“Does this mean you trust you?” asked Ben.

Annabelle gives a sinster smile, and says “For now, but if anything happens, we’ll show no mercy, understand”.

“Yes, I understand, so can I come out?” Ben tells Annabelle.

Jasmine let’s go of the door.

Ben walks out the door and acknowledges everybody crying except Annabelle.

As Ben stands still, Anabelle pats him on the head, and says “Tell me, what does it feel like to be in love for the first time”.

“Wait! I want to know that too!” Jasmine jumped in.

“I do want to know how boys view first love”, said Kina.

“I’m curious too, and I would like to sketch it”, Marvin joins the conversation.

As Ben explains the rest nervously, Kaima is walking through the hallway looking for Mina, when she sees Steve wearing a blue suit walking through the hallway too.

“Dad, where are you going?” asked Kaima.

“Nowhere, your mother just insisted I wear this”, said Steve. “I mean we’re just going with you”.

“You are?” asked Kaima.

Steve nodded.

“Do you know where are your friends?” asked Steve.

Kaima points to her room to answer Steve’s question, so they pass each other going opposite directions.

Downstairs, Mina is drinking coffee, while sitting down by the table.

“Worried about your sister?” asked Cat.

“No. I’m fine, what are you doing up?” Mina denied Cat’s question.

“I’m the agent that patrols the streets, I have to be up early along with the others”, Cat specified’.

Mina turns around to see Cat’s pink/black dress with one color on the other side, and one on the right side, and heels to match. 

“Seem a bit overdressed for just patrolling”, Mina noticed.

“Dr. Liama is driving with me, and she sees it as a date”, Cat replies to Mina’s observation.

“A special date”, Dr. Liama speaks out loud, as she appear behind Cat.

Mina sees Dr. Liama wearing a dress with yellow on the right,  black on the left, and pink on the back, black heels, and pink nails.

MIna unknowingly blushes as she sees Dr. Liama.

Dr. Liama walks over to Mina, and feels her head with a hand on her head.

“You don’t seem to have a fever, is it your admiring my outfit?” Dr. Liama figured out.

“What? What are you talking about?” Mina dismissed Dr. Liama’s question.

“You’re all red, you’re not sick, so it must mean you’re blushing”, Dr. Liama pointed out.

Mina takes Dr. Liama’s hand off her forehead.

Dr. Liama smiles, and says “Have you ever dated anybody?”

“Why? … Why would you ask a question like that?” Mina complains.

“Well?” Dr. Liama waited for Mina’s answer.

“No, I haven’t gone on a date, I would hang out with my friends and people have asked me out, but the only relationship that even got got close to romantic was when I was a cheerleader”,Mina spouted out.

Dr. Liama runs Mina's hair, and whispers "Give it a try, maybe date a girl".

Dr. Liama walks to Cat, turns to Mina, and says "It might be fun".

Dr. Liama and Cat walk out the kitchen.

'A girl? Like that would ever happen', thought Mina.

Mina was so distracted that she doesn't notice Kaima jump on her, and hugged her.

"Kaima! How many times have I told you, not to surprise me like that?" Mina complains.

"Sorry, but it's time for us to get ready for school and you're still in your pajamas", Kaima reminded Mina.

"I will have you know I'm only wearing a robe, I already have on my clothes on", Mina argued.

Mina gets up, takes off her pink robe, puts it on the chair, Kaima's eyes glow as she sees Mina wearing a pink shirt with short sleeves, a long blue dress with two lilies on it with a white ribbon attached to it, one lily on the right, and the other on the left; her shirt had a star in the middle, and it's small.

"It's so cute! When did you get it?" Kaima says, as her eyes glow and she smiles.

"I bought it yesterday, while I was doing research", Mina told Kaima, who's examining Mina's dress.

"Well, you better get your book bag, otherwise, you'll be late and I'll make you wait on me, hand and foot", Mina ordered Kaima to do.

Kaima saluted to Mina, and says "Of course".

Kaima walks up to Mina, hugs her sister, and runs upstairs.

Mina watched Kaima runs upstairs, and smiles.

"She always seems so positive and cheerful", said Rose.

Rose has a red rose in her hair, airing a long red dress with red lipstick.

"She follows you, as I am like my dad", said Mina, not making eye contact with her mother.

"Are your powers bugging you this morning or did you meet Dr. Liama and Cat before they left?" wondered Rose.

"The blood of Kaima has helped sustain my powers and it's the second guess", Mina corrected Rose.

"I thought so, she's got the personality of her mother that Dr. Liama, an old acquaintance of mine", Rose remembered.

"You knew her mother?" asked Mina, kinda surprised.

"I met her when I was working here, she was my partner at work, she always said she wanted a daughter, but she also said she would never her work at a place… like this, and her personality is not at all what I expected”, Rose says, as she thinks about the past.

“Have you made contact with her, since you left this job?” Mina asks out of curiousity and kindness.

“I did, she said she changed her number and moved away to raise her daughter, out after you started school, I lost contact with her and I haven’t been able to find her”, Rose smiles, while holding her phone.

Mina takes the phone, checks the contacts list looks under ‘lost numbers’, she finds one name, she answers it; the phone rings, the phone shows a projection looking like a camera/TV with static.

“Thanks for trying, Mina”< Rose sighed.

“Don’t give up, mom. After all, I didn’t use my special move”< Mina encourages her mom.

Rose looks surprised, and nods at Mina’s encouraging words.

Mina types into the phone and the projection shows a woman who has platinum hair that’s curly, wearing a white dress sitting on her knees.

“Ritta!” exclaimed Rose.

The woman looks down at Rose and smiles.

"Rose, is that you?" asked Ritta, while smiling.

"Yes, where are you?" asked Rose.

"Dallas, Texas, specifically the new building named Ika Stand. It's like Greensdale Mansion, but it's controlled by the mayor Jamen Smith, the only difference is that mostly doing experiments on this meteor that inhabit this rare gem called 'Kadale'. So, what's going on with you, what made you come back and with your kids?" Ritta explains.

"Excuse me, Ms. Ritta, but my sister got hit by a meteor and became a mutant, and you can tell by my appearance by taking my sister's blood, I became a mutant too", Mina steps into the conversation.

"It's true, mutation by a meteor can happen. Is my daughter treating you?" Ritta gasped.

"Dr. Liama has treated us", Mina smiled.

"Dr. Liama? She did go against my wishes, if only I hadn't that divorce had happened", sighed Ritta.

"Divorce? But, I thought you and Jay were doing well", Rose was shocked.

"I did too, but he ditched me, while Liama was in middle school, then that's when she started not showing any emotions and not really caring about anything that happened around her or anybody", Ritta recalled.

"Where is he now?" asked Rose.

"With Zach, working as a scientist, that's probably why Liama joined, he's still there", Ritta answers.

Dr. Liama spinning some keys, enters the kitchen, and says to Ritta "My feelings of dad are hate and only hate".

"Liama!" cried Ritta.

"Mom face it, Zach manipulated dad into working for the enemy, my feeling of how I see the world has nothing to do with him. By the way, I'm dating somebody, her name is Cat, and she's waiting in the car", Dr. Liama brings reality to Ritta.

As Dr. Liama turns around, about to leave, Ritta tells "Liama! Wait! Please, we haven't talked in years".

"Mom, just so you know I love you found you my true love. So, don't cry over me, me being her is my choice. Okay?" Dr. Liama clearly and convincingly tells Ritta.

"Okay, will I ever be able to contact you?" wondered Ritta.

"Holidays only, and birthdays", Dr. Liama decided, then walks away.

Ritta has tears running through here eyes, and says "That's the only thing I wanted to hear".

"My job is done", Mina smiled cleverly.

"You contacted Liama to talk to me didn't you", Ritta caught on.

"I did, mom, we better go. School", Mina tells Rose.

"You're still in school?" questioned Ritta.

"I'm going to college in the Fall", Mina gloated.

"Well, before you go, I'll give you a report of the substance that we found and don't forget me, Rose", Ritta tells Rose and Mina.

"You know I will, I have bad memory", Ritts jokes.

The projection disappears and letter on the phone say 'Talk to you later'.

Rose puts her phone in her pocket.

A second later, a pile of paper appear on the table.

"She works fast", Mina glared at Rose.

"Yeah", Rose glared back.

They go upstairs, seeing Annabelle talking to Kina.

Rose notice Annabelle has her hair in two ponytails, wearing a black dress that looks like a school uniform, holding an umbrella; and Kina has a small blue jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, and has two rings: one on her left index finger, and one on the right index finger.

"That Jasmine has style", Rose complimented Jasmine.

"Thank you", said Jasmine.

Rose is surprised to see Jasmine wearing a long white dress with diamonds on it, greenish brown blue diamonds, and two bows wrapped around her hair.

"I designed these myself with the help of some online videos", Jasmine says with a lovable smile.

"Jasmine, there you are, my eyes are feeling dusty", Kaima tells Jasmine, wiping her eyes.

"Kaima, you used too much, here I'll fix it", Jasmine noticed.

"Where's Steve?" asked Rose.

"He's in the restroom", said Kina.

"Thank you. Is everybody ready for school?" said Rose.

"I have all of my stuff on my phone and emergency stuff in case of an emergency at school", Jasmine tells Rose, while fixing Kaima's make up.

"I do too", said Annabelle, Kaima, Kina, and Marvin.

Rose notice Marvin wearing an black shirt with the shape of a sun in the middle, white/blue Jean's, one on the left and right side.

"Well, then let's go after Steve comes out of the restroom", Rose declared.

After two minutes, Kaima, Annabelle, Rose, Kina, Jasmine, Mina, Steve, and Marvin are in the room activating their phones, which activates lasers that connect together and opens a hole in the middle of the room.

Rose walks through the hole, after she put the phone in her pocket, then everybody else follows her example.

Soon, they see the light reflecting from the sun.

This made Kaima smile, then she sees a high school boy who has red spiky hair, wearing a blue shirt with a rose attached to it, black Jeans with roses attached to the sides of the pants in a line, and that he's tuning his guitar on the stairs.

Jasmine notice Kaima's smile, and says "What are you up to?"

Kaima smirk, puts her hand on her hips, and says "You'll see".

Then, Kaima walks up to the boy, which the other high schoolers notice that are outside and the others inside.

Kaima taps the boy on the shoulder, the boy turns around surprised, which makes him jump off the stairs.

"Don't be afraid, I won't punch, kick, throw, or do anything violent to you. I promise", Kaima promised, with an innocent voice.

The boy slowly walks to Kaima, and says, "Say I believe you, why talk to me?"

"Because you're by the door, also I remember you asked me out last year before I met Ben", Kaima held out her hand to the boy.

The boy blushed, remembering his confession.

"You remember that?" asked The boy.

Kaima nodded.

"I'm sorry, I took it as a joke", Kaima apologized.

"Nah! It was selfish for me to expect you to take me seriously", The boy disagreed.

Kaima gets a strange feeling that makes her touch her heart, and unexpectedly hugs the boy.

This shocks everybody, and at that time Ben appears from the hole of the time.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I just was not just not the most kind person when it comes to boys", Kaima apologized, then backs away from the boy.

The boy was all red from blushing, and asks "What..What...What is up with you?"

Kaima looks at her hands, feels her heart, and says, "I don't know, I couldn't control myself".

The boy noticed Kaima's tail, then his eyes grew, gets a closer look, and sees the tail move up close.

"Amazing! It's a real tail. How? When?" The boy observed.

As the boy says that, Kaima raises her tail, that's when camera flashes appear behind her and the boy.

"Well, she's popular", Ben commented, shrugging her shoulders.

"Yes, she is", Jasmine agreed, while holding the camera.

Mina not amused, walks up the stairs, and opens the door.

Ben follows her, Kaima climbs on his back.

Kaima's friends and follow Ben and Mina.

"I have no idea what's going on, but I want to know", The boy announced.

Annabelle overhearing this smiles, then walks up to him, and asks "What's your name?" 

"Dave", answered the boy, keeping his distance from Annabelle.

"Dave, let's meet after school and I'll give you some important information", Annabelle tells Dave.

Dave watches as Annabelle walks away, while holding her umbrella into the school.


A crowd follows Kaima and her friends, her sister, and her boyfriend until we reach the principal who is enjoying his coffee; when he sees Kaima's tail and Mina's cat ears, he nearly drops his cup of coffee, but Kaima catches it with her tail.

"So, it's true", said the 

"Principal Glassman, I hope you will allow me to go through my last day here and let my sister go through the rest of the year at this school", said Mina, showing her respect for him.

The principal has long straight blonde hair, wearing a white suit.

The principal checks out both Kaima and Mina ask both Steve a bunch of questions, which are answered easily.


With that out of the way, the principal shake hands with Mina, Rose,Steve, and Kaima, then let's them go.

Kaima cheers with her friends, Mina scold her, Rose joins Mina, Ben kisses Kaima on the cheek; Steve shakes his head long with Kaima's friends.

The principal is watching from his window.

His phone activates and shows the words "You think that was wise".

"Zack, don't worry, there are cameras everywhere so we'll know what goes on", said the principal,

The phone says "True,I'll trust you for this job".

Kaima and her friends with Mina, Rose, Ben, and Steve.

"Watch over,Ben, Mina", Steve ask Mina and Ben.

"Of course", said Ben and Mina


"Bye, see you after work", said Rose

"You're taking the morning shift?" Kaima asks Rose.

“Of course, if everything goes well today, I’ll be back to my regular schedule”, said Rose.

“I’m going to research an area that is said to have the goo from that meteor that hit you, Kaima”, Steve tells Kaima.

"Really? But, won’t police, news people be around there”, Annabelle assumed.

“True. But, I’ll be travelling with Jennie”, said Steve.

Kaima hugs Steve Rose, and Mina join them.

“Take care and stay out of trouble”, Rose gives her last wish.

Rose and Steve opens a portal in the form of a laser in the middle of the school, then they go through it separately.

“Love you, mom, and dad”, Kaimay smiled.

“See you in the afternoon”, said Mina.

“We love you too”, said Rose. meaning both Mina and Rose.

They walk to the cafeteria.

“Kaima, I know you’re excited about your powers, but don’t let it cloud your judgement”, Mina reminds Kaima.

“I will not! And I won’t let the fame get to me”, reacted Kaima.

“But, I am, I’m going to review of you and hear their opinions”, Jasmine decided, searching through the camera on her phone.

“I’ll join you”, Kina insisted.

“Really? I never thought you be interested”, Jasmine thought out loud.

“I want to see how many people fear Kaima, so I can give them a friendly warning”, Kina stated.

Jasmine gives a nervous smile, and says “Of course, that’s why”.

Ben hugs Kaima for thirty seconds, then they kiss, which is when a camera flashes.

Kaima switches to Jasmine, and yells “Jasmine!”

Jasmine shakes her head ‘that wasn’t me’, and points to a girl who was recording.

Kaima walks up to the girl, which makes the girl put her phone away in her back pocket.

“Kaima don’t hurt her, you promised”, Jasmine reminds Kaima.

Kiama meets the girl’s face, which makes the girl sweat.

“Susan toothtee, delete that photo”, Kaima says in a sweet, yet demanding tone.

“How do you know my name?” asked Susan.

“It doesn’t matter, delete it”, said Kaima.

Kaima’s eyes turn green.

“Thank you, Susan”, Kaima smiled.

“Your welcome, Kaima”, said Susan, in a robotic voice.

Everybody is wondering, what’s going on.

Annabelle uses both of her hands to cover Kaima’s eyes.

“What gives?” asked Kaima.

“What happened?” wondered Susan, looking around.

“Please walk away”, said Kina and Mina.

Susan walks away and runs with her phone.

Kaima slowly falls down with her eyes closed, and Ben catches her.

“Ben...Move”, said Kaima, weakly.

At that moment, Mina with towards Ben, Ben with Kaima still in his arms dodge Mina’s attack.

“What’s going on?” asked Marvin.

“The effect of Dr. Liama’s medicine has worn off”, Annabelle tells them.

Jasmine takes Ben’s phone, a projection comes from the phone, she typed ‘Dr. Liama’.

The phone starts ringing, and shows Dr. Liama.

“What is it?” asked Dr. Liama, looking at the road.

“Dr. Liama, Mina has gone crazy, amd Kaima fell asleep”, Jasmine explained quickly.

Dr. Liama’s eyes grew, and says “Has it been twelve hours already”.

“Whaat?” asked Jasmine.

“Never mind. Just wake Kaima, her emotions will calm Mina”, Dr. Liama suggested.

“Of course”, said Jasmine. “But, nobody knows how to wake Kaima up”>

Marvin looks at Kina, and says “Kina, you know you spent the whole weekend with her”.

Kina walks up to Kaima who’s still asleep, and Ben is running through the next hallway away from Mina, but she’s catching up.

“Well, at least there are no teachers around”, Ben tried to look on the bright side, while running.

Kina scratches Kaima’s ears, which makes Kaima start giggling, then Kina starts playing with both her ears, and Kaima starts moving; then she says “Kina! Stop! You know I hate being touched behind my ears”.

“Then, wake up",  said Kina, still tickling.

Kaima opens her eyes, then gets up along with Kina.

“What happened?” Kaima wondered, looking around. “Where’ Ben?”

“Being chased by Mina”, answered Annabelle.

“MIna’s gone crazy”, Marvin tells Kaima.

“Oh...great”< complained Kaima, then runs off looking like a blur.

Annabelle gets out her notebook and pen, then writes ‘super speed’.

Jasmine runs off after Kaima with her camera, the others follow her.

Ben stops running, puts his hand on the wall, and says “I can’t… run… anymore.

Mina caught up with Ben, and says “Found you”.

“Oh boy!” groaned Ben, out of breath.

As Mina gets closer to Ben, Kaima tackled her.

“Kaima! Get off of me!“ complained Mina.

“Not until you calm down“, said Kaima, stopping Mina from moving.

Mina is still struggling, then Kaima kiss her on the cheek, which makes Mina turn back to normal.

“Kaima, why are you on top of me?“ asked Mina, confused.

Kaima flicked Mina’s forehead, and says “You went wild“.

“I did“, blinked Mina.

“Yes, and because of that we missed breakfast“, said Jasmine. 

“Oh!“ groaned Mina, sadly.

Kina gets out her phone, clicks a button that makes a blue tray appear with breakfast.

“While Jasmine was calling Dr. Liama, I ordered us all breakfast“, Kina gives it to them.

“Kina! You are the greatest, I love you“, said Kaima, hugging Kina.

“Uh! Thank you, I love you too“, Kina says, as she smiles.

So, they all eat breakfast together until the second bell rings.

Mina looks at the clock, and says “Well, I better go I got presentations today“.

Kaima gives Mina a hug, still eating her donut, and  says “Good luck“.

Mona pats Kaima on the back, and says “Thank you“.

Mina takes her bag, walks away, waves goodbye, while eating the rest of her cinnamon poptart.

“It’s about time I go too, Kaima“, Ben informs Kaima.

“Awww!“ Kaima complained.

Ben pulls Kaima for a hug, and says “Don’t be like that, we’ll meet during third hour“.

“Really? Their going to the P.C. Art Museum again“, Kaima analyzed.

“Yup, since it’s during lunch, I can get you a ticket, so you can go with; it would be a date for us“, Ben decided.

Kaima blushed, and says “Thank you, I would love that“.

Kaima pushed Ben against the wall, and kisses Ben on the lips.

Then, a woman who has brown hair in a bun, wearing a white work dress, and white heels appear.

“Kaima Amadell!“ complained the teacher named Ms. Annatille. “You know public signs of affections aren’t allowed here. Stop kissing this instant“.

Kaima parts with Ben, then sighs, gives Ben a smile, and says “I love you Ben, and see you third hour“.

“I love you too, Kaima“, said Ben, and kisses her hand on his knees.

“Ben“, Kaima blushed.

Ben gets up, gather his stuff, rubs Kaima’s hair, walks away, and waves goodbye.

“Oh! I forgot I got a meeting with the photography club, I’m already late“, Jasmine gather her stuff, and runs. “Bye Kaima, Marvin, Kina, and Annabelle“.

Kaima gets up, and says “That reminds me I have a meeting with my counselor today discussing which college I’ll be applying to“.

“Already?“ asked Marvin.


“Yeah. Since I already have a scholarship, I have to go to college during 4th hour“, said Kaima.

“If you sister found out, she would flip out“, Marvin giggled.

“It’s not my fault, she’ll have to get over it, Bye Marvin, Annabelle, and Kina“, said Kaima, then glares at Ms. Annatille.

As she stares at Ms. Annatille, and says “Iku Ni Jigoku“. 

Which means “Go to hell“ in Japanese.

Annatille growls until Kaima leaves, then she finally says “Just because I didn’t understand her, doesn’t mean I’m not going to ruin her day”.

Annabelle, Kina, and Marvin  look at each other, then surround Annatille.

“May I help you?” asked Ms. Annatille.

“Ms. Annatille, I would advise you not mess with our best friend especially not today”, Annabelle warns the teacher.

“She has a special event, so please stay out of her way”, said Kina.

“I don’t think you would want this getting out”, said Marvin, showing pictures of Ms. Annatille kissing a statue.

“That’s black mail”, Ms. Annatille jumped.

Marvin puts the picture closer to Ms. Annatille’s face, Annabelle has her arm around Marvin, and says “So, do we have a deal”.

“Fine,deal. I thought you were better, Marvin”,  Ms. Annatille glared.

Kina puts her arm around Marvin, and says “He’s on our side”.

Then, they all away leaving Ms. Annatille feeling defeated.

“Annabelle, you are true evil”, Kina complimented Annabelle.

“It wasn’t me, it was Marvin who took the picture”, Annabelle disagreed with Kina.

“It’s always the shy one. I would’ve never expected”, Kina smirked.

Marvin blushed, and says “I thought it was funny, I didn’t think it was evil”.

“That’s understandable”, said Annabelle.

In the third hallway, Marvin heads to the music room, but stops to get his phone from Annabelle.

Annabelle whispers in Marvin’s ears, “Record that beautiful voice of yours, so I can use it to study for the test tomorrow”.

Marvin turns red, spins into the music room with his phone in his hand; he gets out of his daydream, and waves goodbye.

Kina walks to the left hallway, and says “You shouldn’t always mess with his feelings”.

“Says the one that kept taking him into the comic book conventions, so he wouldn’t hang out with Patricia”, Annabelle pointed out.

“Patricia is a witch”< said Kina. “My feelings aren’t romantic, plus I didn’t want his heart to be broken”.

“So, you break her rib cage instead”, said Annabelle.

“She punched me, and insulted Marvin, and don’t get me started on that dumb laugh of hers”, said Kina, as they get close to a door that’s three feet from a water fountain with a balancer attached to it.

“Hey! You two!” spouted Patricia.

“Speak of the devil”, complained Kina.

“I don’t know who you are referring to me, I’m an angel”, said Patricia, flipping her hair.

Patricia has blue hair with braids formed into two ponytails, wearing a white dress, and white heels.

“What do you want?” asked Annabelle, giving a deadly glare.

“I heard that Kaima and her sister Mina are still getting to stay here even though they turned into those weird animal creatures that you see in anime”, Patricia pointed out.

"It's called Amphormorphic, look it up", said Kina.

Kina walks up to Patricia, and says "Yeah, it's true. You got a problem with that".

Patricia brushes Kina aside, and says "Just wanted to confirm it for my blog".

Patricia starts speed typing, and sends it;puts her phone in her pocket, waves goodbye, and says "Bye. Oh, Kina. I'm going to make Marvin, my playmate, so please stay out of my way".

Annabelle hits the wall, which makes Patricia pause, and Annabelle says "Don't even think about coming near him".

"The goth girl wants to speak up", said Patricia.

Annabelle walks up to walks up to Patricia, and smacks her on her cheek, which makes Patricia fall on the floor .

"I advise you to not get up, not think or look. You think you can play with him, well you're wrong because Marvin is my boyfriend, and if you think you a chance with him, keep dreaming", Annabelle stated, with anger in her eyes.

Kina whistles, impressed.

Annabelle takes Kina's hand, and they walk away into the chorus room #2, which is used as an art room.

"Annabelle, I never expected that from you", said Kina, patting Annabelle on the head.

"I can't stand her, I think I will ask Marvin out", said Annabelle .

"The sooner the better", said Kina.

Kina and Annabelle notice everybody looking at them.

Outside of the door, Patricia gives an evil smirk, walks away, then she sees Mina.

"Mina Amadell", said Patricia.

"I advise you to hand me that phone, so I can delete that blog", Mina asks Patricia.

"It's too late, I already have everybody at the school paging me", Patricia shows Mina, her phone. "Soon, you both will be gone and I'll be viral".

Mina claws and teeth grow, but she remains in control.

"You going to attack me, dog. Huh? If you do that I'll be kicked out for sure", Patricia mocked Mina.

At that moment, a girl who has red hair, wearing a red/white shirt, zebra stripped pants,and says "Mina, don't do it".

Mina's other classmates appear behind her both boys and girls, even her teacher.

Mina puts her claws away.

"Patricia, hand over the phone", asked Mina's teacher.

"I don't think so , I think I'll leave inside", Patricia decided, as she makes her phone teleport her away.

"She got away", said one of Mina's classmates .

"Forget her, the principal already agreed to let us stay", Mina decided, then punched a hole in the wall.

Mina walks away, picks the girl up, and has her on her back.

The girl cuddles Mina.

"I'll take that blog down right away", Mina's teacher announced by Mina's side.

"It okay, you don't have to, besides half of the school already knows from the photo op this morning", Mina insisted.

Mina's teacher could sense something about this situation was about to get a lot worse than it seemed.

That theory was proven true, in-between first and second hour, where Kaima is meeting with her counselor, who's office is on the outside of the school.

What will happen next?


  • Feb 18, 2020

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