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Dear Journal, i'm Mina Amadell

It's August 11th 2034, I'm Kaima's older sister.

I'm writing this so I could remember this day, which might be hard with the blood loss.

I've been told that I was overprotective, but I could help it because of my sister's attitude.

There was even one time, where Kaima and her friends got into a street fight, I wasn't that far away, yet they had to deal some boys.

And by deal with, I mean Kaima beat up five boys and then the police came. I didn't get the whole story and I still haven't got it.

So, I was in my room, working on my college application, when I heard my phone.

Once I heard Annabelle's voice, I went into a panic, and I grabbed my car keys.

Even though I didn't hear the explanation of Kaima's powers from until I got in my car.

After hearing that, time seem to speed up that I was at the mansion.

Before I reached Kaima, I gave Anabelle, Marvin, Kina, and Jasmine; even Ben, a piece of my mind to let my anger out.

So, when I got to the room where they were holding Kaima, I got hit by a needle and fell on the floor.

The story starts with Mina, a girl with long black hair, wearing a blue dress and blue high heels on the carpet floor, seeing Kaima getting her blood taken by Dr. Liama, and Cat smiling at her.

"I'm Cat, you must be Kaima's big sister", said Cat.

"I am, who's she?" asked Mina, trying to crawl to the couch.

"I'm Dr. Liama, your sister is making an excellent test subject", replied Dr. Liama, coldly as she checks Kaima's blood.

On the couch, Mina notices Kaima's tail, which made her jump, but not feeling her leg also falls on the floor.

As she gets up, Mina sees Kaima's eyes, claws, and when Kaima looks away.

Mina uses all her strength to hug Kaima, and says "Don't worry".

This makes Kaima to start crying quietly, Mina while hugging Kaima stares angrily at Dr. Liama.

'My. My. My. What a protective sister', thought Dr. Liama with a devilish smile. 'I almost feel sorry, for what I put inside her'.

"Dr. Liama, I know that look. What did you do?" said Cat.

"You read me like a book, I just put her sister's blood in her system", said Dr. Liama.

Mina hearing this, looks at Kaima, and says "Kaima, we need to tell mom and dad".

Kaima gets up and shakes her head 'no'.

"They'll worry, if I don't come home and you know I hate lying", said Mina, sounding calm.

"I don't want them coming here, if they do...I...I", Kaima tries to explain, but start crying again.

Mina sighs, and gives Kaima a kiss on the forehead.

"No need to be scared", Mina whispered.

"You're a sweet sister, said Dr. Liama, seeing Mina's ear turning furry and pointy.

"You know Dr. Liama, I know you gave me my sister's blood, and i'm mutating as we speak, but know if anything happens to Kaima. I'll end you", Mina announced, with her fangs showing.

"Now. Now. There's no need for violence, besides shouldn't we be worrying about your sister, that giving off a dark aura", Cat pointed out.

Mina sees Kaima's head down, with a purple energy behind her, fangs out, and her tail up.

"Kaima. What's wrong?" asked Mina, nervously.

"I feel strange", said Kaima.

Dr. Liama move Cat and Mina back.

"Hey!" exclaimed Cat and Mina.

"Don't move, her blood is reacting her sister's blood", said Dr. Liama, seeing Kaima's punching the couch and making the fluff coming out.

"Shouldn't we stop her, I mean, she looks like a dog", said Cat, seeing Kaima is on the floor.

Mina smiling, walks to Kaima, gets on her knees and starts tickling Kaima.

This makes Kaima start laughing, this results in Cat and Dr. Liama just stand and watch.

Kiama begs Mina to stop, while laughing.

"Not until you tell me. Why you didn't tell me about Ben?" Mina revealing why she is changing her mood.

"Ben was...a friend online...then we met at the concert..and he kissed me during the song and we started dating", Kiama explained, while still laughing.

Mina stop tickling Kaima, puts her head down, and says "Was he like how he described himself online?"

"Yeah! He was even cute, don't worry we're starting slow and steady", said Kaima, with enthusiasm.

"Really?!" reacted Mina, surprised and kind of happy.

"Yeah. I hope our relationship will last", said Kaima, with a smile.

Mina hugs her sister, and says "You still could've told me, you know I would kept it a secret".

"I tried...but, it was never a good time", Kaima admitted, shyly.

Mina smiles again, hugs her sister, and spins her around; then she says "I love you, but please don't scare me like that".

"Understood, I love you too", said Kaima, while spinning.

Cat cleared het throat.

This makes Mina and Kaima stop spinning.

"I hate to interrupt a beautiful sister relationship, but what's your last name?" said Dr. Liama, with a glare in her eyes.

"Amadell", said Kaima and Mina.

"Amadell?!" exclaimed Dr. Liama, surprised.

"You mean Steve and Rose Amadell,ex agents of the FBI, and retired after having their first kid?" asked Cat, remembering one time Dr. Liama talking about them.

"What? Our parents are nurse and construction worker", Mina dismissed Cat's statement.

"They may be now, but back then they were a big deal, always on the case specifically detective work and labwork", explained Cat.

"The agents praised them for so long, but since they retired not many talk about them. There's no mistake, those two are your parents because I remember specifically seeing your baby pictures after them announcing their retirement", Dr. Liama tells Mina.

"Really?! Then, maybe I will call mom", Kaima changed her mind, holding Mina's phone.

"Why my phone?!" wondered Mina, then hears her phone ringing.

"Mom, i'm at Greensdale Mansion, I got hit by a meteor, gained super powers and I met some FBI agents and a doctor took some of my blood and put it into Mina's blood stream and she's mutating; also I have boyfriend that's three years older than me, bye", said Kaima, over the phone.

"Huh?" asked Rose, but Kaima already hanged up.

"Mom going to kill us", Kaima says with a smile.

"Why? Why me?!" asked Mina, on the floor feeling gloomy.

Dr. Liama and Cat watch Kaima hugs her sister, who's still looking gloomy.

'What an interesting pair', thought Dr. Liama, looking at Mina. 'and the have a somebody to play with'.

Downstairs, Anabelle is enjoying tea, when she notice Kaima standing by her side.

"So, you finally came down", said Anabelle, turning to Kaima.

"Kaima, are you okay?" asked Jasmine, feeling Kaima's face.

"Yeah. They wouldn't let us in", said Marvin.

Kaima grabs everybody and give them a bear hug.

"K...a...i...m...a. We can't breathe", replied Jasmine, struggling.

Kaima let her friends go, and says "Sorry, it's just I love you guys so much".

Kaima's friends all blushed, and says "We love you too".

Kaima smiles at her friends, then at Mina.

Kina looks at Kaima, and sees something sparkling.

Dr. Liama takes Kina away.

Kina gives off a dark aura, and says "What do you want?"

"What do you know about Kaima Amadell?" Dr. Liama asks Kina.

"She's kind, easily angered, loves all kinds of food, cute things; master of all kinds of karate, doesn't like change, dancing, and known as a tomboy. She has a poodle, four best friends, a overprotective sister and mother, and father that spoils her too much, but can turn sour", Kina explains with no remorse.

Then, Kina walks up to Dr. Liama, and says "I advise you and your friends to stay away from her, after her parents get here, you won't be needed".

Dr. Liama gives a smirk, and says "As I would expect from a Wolfberry, don't worry, I want lay a hand on your precious Kaima".

Back in the kitchen, Cat takes Kaima to a special room, which Mina follows her.

This room is a lab, full of many experiments in test tubes, containers, there are herbs, and one lap.

"What do you want?" Kaima asks Cat.

"Would you stay here?" asked Cat.

"What?" asked Kaima, confused.

"Could you stay here? Until your powers are under control", Cat repeated.

It was quiet for a second, then it breaks.

"No", said Kaima.

This surprised Mina and Cat.

Kaima walks up to Cat, and says "I have school tomorrow, I have a dream that I need to accomplish, and these powers aren't going to stop me. So, thanks for the opportunity, but no thanks".

Kaima walks out of the door, and Mina walk up to Cat, then sits on a table with her legs crossed.

"Does your girlfriend has an medicine or anything to help Kaima control her powers?" asked Mina.

"Your blood will help sustain her powers, so all you need to do along with Kaima's friends must help Kaima discover if her powers are dangerous or safe or both", Cat answers, while putting on glasses on her head and her purse around her shoulder.

"So, it will be the stereotypical superhero story?" Mina joked/questioned.

"Except normally the hero is normally weak, and your sister doesn't seem like that type", replied Cat.

"You're very observant", Mina noticed.

"Thank you, many people have said the same thing", Cat smiled.

"Really? Then, answer me this, why are you dating that cold-hearted doctor?" Mina wondered.

"She's my soulmate, and also, it's too complicated for me to explain", Cat answers, honestly.

Mina laughs at Cat's comment, and says "You know you're a real mystery, I think we'll be great friends".

"How old are you?" asked Cat.

"Just turned 19", said Mina.

"Really?! You seem older", said Cat, surprised.

"Oh yeah. I get that a lot, speaking of it, what college did you go to?" Mina tells Cat.

"An Art University, Eureka Arts", Cat answers immediately.

"But, how did you end up here?" Mina smiles, showing how impressed she is.

"Easy, my mom forced me and has surveillance on me, so I can't give this up; even though, that's the case I still love this job and all the people I work for", Cat explains her situation with a lovely smile.

"I understand", Mina pats Cat's back.

Cat didn't understand, but she started to hug Mina,and says "Thanks, that's the first anybody told me that".

"Your welcome, you didn't tell any of your friends. Did you?" Mina analyzed.

"Yeah. Which is a relief because i'm a blabbermouth", Cat admitted.

"You know, I think I might've met you before", Mina thought, looking at Cat's features.

"I guess it might be right", Cat assumed. "After all, we aren't that older than each other".

Cat and Mina just talk the rest of the time.

As Kaima walks up the stairs, she sees Anabelle and Ben.

"I told you she went this way", Anabelle says bluntly, holding her umbrella.

"Thank you", Ben thanks Anabelle.

"Just tell me, how everything goes", Anabelle responded, as she walks away in the shadows.

"So", Ben tries to start a conversation.

"So", Kaima follows Ben's lead.

"I haven't gotten to talk to you that much", said Ben.

"Well, my sister won't let me out of her sight", Kaima observed.

"Yeah. I was afraid she would eat me alive", Ben giggled.

"You and me both", Kaima slaps Ben on the back.

"You can never stay the lovey dovey type", Ben noticed.

"Nope. I react with violence and emotions", Kaima commented to Ben's observation.

Ben pulls Kaima in his arms, and says "That what I like about you".

"Ben, you are too honest", Kaima blushed.

"Really? Do you not like that?" Ben wonders.

"That's not it", Kaima avoids looking at Ben.

Ben raises Kaima's head up, and they kiss on the lips.

In the lab, Cat and Mina are playing with each other

'I worry about her, but I know she's in safe hands', thought Mina.


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