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Chapter 5
The group inside the shop, is shown as mostly normal people that aren't in cloaks, instead there's one girl flying with hummingbird wings, one boy lifting weights, one girl doing gymnastics, a ferret about the size of a dog, and twins that can shapeshift.

That wasn't it, There's a tall girl with brown hair, wearing a black jacket, pink shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes,who's the leader of the group.

"Alright, Faes, this meeting will now come to order", announced the girl leader.

The other kids sit in chairs with their full attention on the girl leader.

The girl leader talks about them always meeting in this special place.

Key notices the ferret looking at her,that makes the girl with hummingbird wings

"Who's there,friend or foe?" asked the girl with hummingbird wings,while flying behind a stack of boxes.

"Friend,i'm a fae too", Key noticed.

"Prove it", said the girl with hummingbird wings.

Key holds her necklace that she got from the envelope,which glows and this makes electricity flow through her.

"Okay,i'm convinced", the girl with hummingbird wings admitted.

The boy lifts the boxes and one of the twin says, "Oh my gosh,your Key Walker".

Key smiles nervously.

"Sorry about Betty,but this is a secret hangout", The girl leader pointed out.

"Understandable,what are your names exactly?" said Key.

The girl leader has red curly hair, wearing a white dress, and heels.

"I'm Keni,these are my friends:Betty,Devin,Qin,Li,Amy along with our pet: Gem", Keni/the girl leader proclaimed.

The girl with hummingbird wings is Betty,she has phoenix-like hair, wearing an orange jacket, white shirt, blue pants, and red shoes.

The ferret is Gem.

This twin/Li is a girl with blond hair, wearing a red dress

The boy/Devin who can lif weights, he has black hair, sunglasses, wearing a red shirt, white pants, and black shoes.

The other twin/Qin is a boy with blond hair, blue shirt, black pants, and white shoes.

"Are there other faes?" asked Key.

"Your new to the magical world,aren't you", Betty figured out.

Key nodded at Betty's assumption.

Betty flies to her bags,and get a book with the title History of Faes

"After the big war,Most of the faes disappeared or died,Faes were judged to quickly",read Key.

Key put the book down,and is shocked by what she found out.

"How about some smoothies?" asked Li and Qin.

Key and her friends are enjoying smoothies,

"So,how did you know about faes?" asked Amy.

Key reveals her friend named Syria knew lots about magic.

Betty was smiling at the fact that she met Key,Amy comes into the conversation and explains how her and her friends are adopted and have taken care of each other.

Hearing their story,Key explained her life, actually is miserable. But she tries to make the best of it. By Messing with Dudley, cheering Harry up, and keeping a positive attitude.

Betty responds back with telling about the foster family taunted them because they were different, but they ignored them.

"How it you have wings?" asked Key.

"I don't know they just randomly appeared on my birthday", said Betty.

"That's the same thing that happened to us", said Qin,Li,Amy and Devin simultaneously.

In-between the conversation, The kids notice a girl blue hair, wearing black cloaks, who gives a big smile and smooch.

"Umm, who's she?" asked Key.

"My rival, Veronica, she's the worst", said Amy.

Amy explains that Veronica use to be best friends, then she discovered her true motives.

Veronica is shown with two creepy people, Luci and Dave, Luci is a girl with long black hair, wearing a cloak, and Dave looks like an average emo.

"That's her spies, they are the main reason why we are so secretive", said Li.

The spies start to walk up to them.

"We better go, any ideas", said Qin.

"My friend, Liza said she saw Key's cousin around the library", said Keni.

"I do need some information and the library is quiet, sure why not", said Key.

(The side of the story is taking a break, now to Harry, where he's just walking into the library with Hagrid. When he sees a girl with silver hair, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes flying upside down)

"Are you Harry Potter?" she asked.

"Yeah, who are you?" answered Harry.

"I'm Liza, i've heard so much about you, hey where's your cousin", said the girl.

"She's hanging out with some new friends, You know us too, were inseparable. Mostly because of my awful aunt, uncle, and my other cousin", said Harry.

"You had a horrible life, and you just figured out you were a wizard, what a coincidence", Liza figured out.

"How you figure that out?" asked Harry.

"Well, I went through that same thing, I live with my adoptive family, I couldn't believe they kept it a secret, but they did it for me", said Liza.

"Then, it seems that we have a similar lives, I wondered if there's a reason about that", said Harry.

"It is interesting, you two meet her, ever heard the story about what makes Harry, a legend along Key", said Hagrid.

"I heard some pretty interesting stuff, but never knew the whole thing, but I never looked too much into what the truth is behind the legend",answered Liza.

"Well does my friend have a story for you", said Abigail, lurking from the shadows.

"Can we join in, I love to hear the story?" asked Amy with a smile.

"Hey Harry, Hagrid, and Abby, these are my new friends", said Key.

"I have an idea, how about we split you're stories and make into a one story,what you think Hagrid", said Abigail

"I say that's a wonderful idea", said Hagrid.

"Great, which part goes first?" asked Abigail.

While Key and her new friends sit down, then Hagrid starts the first part of the story.

"It was a long time ago, very dark times, Voldemort started to gather some followers, brought them to the dark side", said Hagrid.

"Around that time, Key's parents: Kai and John along with Harry and Lily Potter were fighting against Voldemort, it was around they time they started their experiment", Key explained.

The story turns into a flashback, where Kai and Kevin are working on potions in their house, for days, their friends were worried about this

Especially Abigail, she was worried that if they continue something bad was going to happen, but there's no need to worry.

Since Kai and Kevin finished at least a week, before their cousin's death.

Abigail came in the house, when they just finished it, they tested it on her.

The experiment caused her hands, and eyes to glow,her floating, and grow angel wings.

Yes, you heard right guardians in this universe don't earn wings, they can just fly.

Anyway, a death eater Bellatrix found out about them, and almost got away with the experiment.

But, when the experiment sent through Abigail's vein, she defeated Bellatrix with one blast.

After blasting Bellatrix, Abigail blacked out, once Kai and John take Abigail to hostipal.

Once Abigail wakes up, she sees Lily, James, Kai, and Kevin around her hospital bed.

"Kai, James,Kevin, Lily, what happened?" asked Abigail, weakly.

"Try not to talk, I'm so sorry, I didn't know our experiment would have this kind of affect", Kai apologized.

"I mean we tested it before on little things, but nothing bad happened", said Kai, with tears on her cheek.

Abigail wipes her friend's tears, and gave a smile.

"It's okay, I know you didn't want to hurt me", said Abigail,touching her daughter's face.

"We all know you meant well", said Lily.

Kai knew that nobody was blaming her, but she could feel responsibility for it, so she leaves the room to clear her head.

James comes out, and sits next to Kai.

"James, how is it that people remain so calm, while I'm always freaking out?" asked Kai.

"Kai, Each person has a different way of reacting, around these times. I'm surprised that most of us are sane now", answered James.

"Times are different, but some people remain calm, I guess it's a thing that happens", said James.

"I remember, when we were little, and we would have moments like this", said Kai.

While watching them, Lily remembers when she first met Kai.

Lily and Kai bumped into each other, and Kai helped Lily pick up her books.

"You're Lily, right", said Kai,while smiling.

"Yeah", said Lily.

"I'm Kai, nice to meet you", said Lily.

The flashback cuts back to reality, when Abigail is out of the bed.

"She's okay, the chemicals didn't cause her any harm, her body just wasn't use to it. Now, she will be fine, but her legs are numb, so she'll need a wheelchair for at a day or two", said The nurse.

"I'm so glad", said Kai, while hugging Abigail.

Back at Kai and Kevin's house, Kai destroys the formula, and decides never to speak of it again, but secretly she wanted to test on it some more.

"Good choice, Kai", said James.

Back to Lily and James death and Kai and Kevin's disappearance, but it had to be put on hold because it was time to go.

Which left Harry and Key on a cliffhanger.

Key looks at her necklace with deep emotion.

After that moment, since Harry already had most of his stuff, and Abigail brought Key's, they went to the Platform.

Near Platform 9 and 3/4 quarter's, Abigail gives Key, and her own journal and disappears along with Hagrid to Hogwarts.

At the entrance of Platform 9 and 3/4 quarters, they see the Weasley family.

"Fred, George, hey!" exclaimed Liza.

Liza along with the kids hug the Weasley's.

"Oh, it's so nice to see you all", said Molly, has red hair, wearing a brown dress and shoes.

Then, she sees Harry and Key."Hello, I'm Molly", Molly introduced herself

"Nice to meet you", said Harry and Key in unison.

"I'm Harry Potter", said Harry.

"and I'm Key Walker", said Key.

When the Weasley hears this, they are shocked by this.

"Are you really?" asked Ginny.

"Yeah", said Key.

"Could you tell us, how to?" stammered Harry, pointing to the Platform.

"How to get on the Platform, not worry dear, it's Ron first year at Hogwarts as well, now all you have to do is run straight through platform 9 and 10, best do a run if you're nervous", Molly explained.


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