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Chapter 4
The next moment, Hagrid, Key, and Harry walk through the streets of London.

"All students must be be equipped with...one standard size two pewter cauldron and may bring if they desire either an owl, a cat, or a toad", read Key.

"Can we find all this in London?" asked Harry.

"If you know where to go", said Hagrid in a quiet tone.

They go to a corner stone and enter, The Leaky Cauldron.

As they enter the place, there is music and people talking.

"Ah, Hagrid! The usual, I presume?" Barkeep Tom assumed.

"No thanks, Tom. I'm on offical Hogwarts business today. Just helping young Harry and Key here, buy their school supplies", Hagrid told his friend.

"Bless my soul. It's Harry potter and Key Walker", replied Tom.

The pub goes silent. A man comes up and shakes Harry and Key's hand.

"Welcome back, Mr Potter and Ms. Walker, welcome back", greeted the man.

A witch comes up and shakes Harry's hand, as well.

"Doris Crockford. I can't believe I'm meeting you at last", said Doris Crockford.

A man in robes with a turban on his head appears. It is Professor Quirrell.

"Harry P-Potter. Key W-walker. C-can't tell you how pleased I am to meet you", Quirrell shivered.

"Hello, Professor. I didn't see you there. Harry and Key, this is Professor Quirrell. He'll be your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts", said Hagrid.

"Oh, nice to meet you", said Harry.

Key nodded.

Harry holds out his hand, but Quirrell avoids taking it, which Key finds suspicious.

"Interesting, i'm getting a strange vibe from him", Key thought.

"Well must be going now. Lots to buy", said Hagrid.

"Goodbye", said Harry

"See ya", said Key.

They exist the leaky cauldron to a wall.

"See, Harry and Key, Y'all? You're famous", said Hagrid

Hagrid, Harry, and Key walk into an alley, just behind The Leaky Cauldron

"But why are we famous? All those people back there how is it they know who we are?" asked Harry.

"I like to know too", said Key.

"I'm not sure, i'm right person to tell you that, Harry and Key", said Hagrid.

Hagrid pulls out his umbrella and taps a few bricks on the wall. The bricks begin to move, forming an opening to walk through.

"Welcome Harry and Key, to diagon alley", said Hagrid.

While they're walking through Diagon Alley, Hagrid points out various shops to Harry and Key.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Key, then shakes it off trying to face on important things.

"That's where you get your quills and ink. Over there all your bits and bobs for doing wizardry", Hagrid pointed out.

They pass by a broom shop with the new Nimbus 2000 in the window.

"It's a world class racing broom", said the 1st Child.

"Wow! Look at it the new Nimbus 2000! It's fastest model yet!" exclaimed the second child.

"But Hagrid, how am I to pay for all this? I haven't any money?" asked Harry.

"Well there's your money Harry! Gringotts, the wizard bank! Ain't no safer place, not one! 'Cept perhaps Hogwarts", said Hagrid.

Hagrid, Harry, and Key walk along the main corridor to Gringotts. On either side of them goblins are hard at work.

"Hagrid what exactly are these things?" asked Harry.

"They're goblins Harry. Clever as they come the goblins, but not the most friendly of beasts. Best stay close", Hagrid told Harry.

"Odd, I feel danger", Key thought, while observing the area.

"Hmm, mister Harry Potter and Miss Key Walker wishes to make a withdraw", said Hagrid to the goblin.

"And does they have their keys?" asked the goblin.

"Wait a minute. Got it here somewhere. Ha! There's there's the little devil. Oh,there's something else as well. Professor Dumbledore gave me this", said Hagrid, searching through his pocket.

Hagrid hands him two keys a piece of a paper.

"It's the key for you-know-what to vault you-know-which", said Dumbledore

"Very well then", said the goblin.

The goblin takes them to the vault, while Hagrid is holding a lamp.

"Vault 687, lamp please", said the goblin.

Key hands the goblin the lamp and unlocks the door.

After the door opens, Harry and Key see two stacks of gold coins and look it in awe.

"No way!" Harry and Key exclaimed.

"Did think you're parents will leave you with nothing, now did you?" asked Hagrid.

"Vault 713", said the gobin.

"What's in there, Hagrid?" asked Harry.

"Can't tell you Harry, Hogwarts business very secret", answered Hagrid.

"Stand back", said The goblin.

The goblin rubs his hand down the door, which unlocks the special locks in the vault.

During their journey of shopping for school supplies, Key notice a mysterious group of kids near a broken down shop.

Key with her cousin and Hagrid aren't looking, follows the group.


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