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Chapter 3
Sunday morning, they're in the cupboard, talking to each other.

"Harry, we can't keep pretending the letters don't exist. Everywhere I go I see those letters, it's a nightmare. A complete nightmare", Key told Harry.

"You're right, I guess we should've seen this coming with the whole us being magical beings", Harry whispered.

"I know, sadly I know, let's go", Key whispered back.

So,they go into the living room, where they give Uncle Vernon cookies, and Key sneaks one.

"Key, what's the matter?" asked Harry, noticed Key

Key leans close to Harry, and senses something.

Which is when a zillions of letters come out of the fireplace, that made Aunt Petunia scream and Dudley begging for the letter tornado to stop.

"Aren't you going to grab one of them, I mean what if we do get a chance to go to Hogwarts?" asked Harry.

"Alright", Key agreed.

Key grabs two letters, which have Harry and her name on it, and puts in her her bag.

"What? They're going to think it's a tad suspicious, that we're just sitting here", Key figured out.

"Got it", said Harry,grabbing a letter, which makes Uncle Vernon chase after him, while the letters surround them.

"This is wild!" Key groaned.

"That's it were moving away, far away, where they can't find us",Uncle Vernon proclaimed.

"Uh oh!" Key replied.

Each time, they move to a different place, but the letters would still find.

Harry,Key, and the Dursleys settle in a place surrounded by a sea, which seem like a normal.

It's nighttime, where Key and Harry in the living room, on a carpet.

On the carpet, Harry makes a picture of a birthday cake.

Make a wish,Harry", Harry talking to himself.

"Happy birthday, hope your birthday goes good", said Key, with a smile.

"Thanks, what's up", wondered Harry, once he noticed Key looking at the door.

"Harry, i'm having one of those weird feelings again", Key told him, which is when they see the door flash a bright light.

"Harry. Wait somebody's coming, somebody we know", Key figured out, while Harry was about hide.

"Really?" asked Harry, surprised.

Another bang comes from the door, then the door comes down, which makes Harry and Key back up and the Dursleys come downstairs.

"Sorry about that", Hagrid apologized.

"It's okay", said Key, with a nervous smile, with harry still behind her.

Hagrid picks up the door and put it back, which is when they notice Uncle Vernon with a shotgun.

"I demand you leave at once Sir, you are breaking and entering", Uncle Vernon commented.

"Dry up dursley, you great prune", said Hagrid, then squeezes the shotgun, which makes a bullet hit the roof.

"Well, I'm surprise that I didn't notice before, Key", Hagrid observed.

"Yes, Harry, no need to hide", Key informed her cousin.

Harry gets from behind Key.

"I haven't seen you, since you were a baby", Hagrid told them.

"Got something for, 'fraid I might sat on, but I think your taste for it will the same", Hagrid told them.

Hagrid hands Harry a box with cake inside, and a cupcake to Key.

"Thank you", said Harry.

"Yes, this is a sweet gift", Key replied.

"It's not everyday, you see a young man turns 11, now do you", said Hagrid.

Harry puts down the box,while Key eats her cupcake, making sure Dudley doesn't eat harry's cake.

"Excuse me, but, who are you?" asked Harry, as Hagrid sits in a chair.

"Reubus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and grims at Hogwarts", Hagrid introduced himself.

"Of course, you know all about hogwarts", assumed Hagrid.

"Actually Hagrid, you see we know very little, that's why we're surprised by your appearance", Key informed Hagrid.

"Really? Then do know about you being a fae and Harry being a wizard?" asked Hagrid.

"Yes", answered Key.

"That's enough, we swear when we took them in, we put a stop to a this rubbish", Uncle Vernon interrupted.

"You knew all along and you never told us", said Harry.

"I knew it", Key blurted.

"Of course you are, how could you not be. My perfect sister being who she is, my mother and father were so proud the day she got her letter. We have a witch in the famiy, isn't it wonderful, I was the only one. To see her for what she is, a freak, and then she met that Potter and she had you and you would be the same, just as strange, just as abnormal and if you please, she got herself blown up, and your cousin disappear and we got landed with you", explained Aunt Petunia.

"Blown up, you said my parents died in a car crash", said Harry.

Key was angry because of the Dursleys.

"A car crash, car crashed killed Lily and James potter, this is a outrage it's a scandal", Hagrid blurted.

"They'll not be going", said Uncle Vernon.

"I disagree, you have no right to choose where we go at this moment, filling us with nonsense,and keeping us from he truth", Key spoke truthfully.

Then, Key notice that Dudley is eating Harry's cake,which is when Hagrid uses an umbrella that gave Dudley a pig tail, which made the Dursleys rush out.

"I appreciate if you not tell anybody at hogwarts about that, strictly speaking I'm not allowed to use magic", said Hagrid.

"Okay", said Harry.

"We're a bit behind schedule, best be off, unless you rather stay",said Hagrid, put the door back down, then leaves the place.

"Let's go", said Key, with Harry following her.


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