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Chapter 2
Let me tell you about chapter 2, it's mostly the second part of the ending of chapter 1.

Anyway, let me explain the personalities of the people in Privet Drive and by the people, I mean Harry, Key, and the Dursleys.

Harry is quiet, kind, truthful, also he wears glasses.

He has his father's untidy black hair, his mother's big bright green eyes, and a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead, and he's skinny.

Key is clever, creative, and always keeps the Dursleys in check, even though they try to make her miserable.

She has long black hair, blue eyes, skinny, wears glasses, and has hidden powers.

Aunt Petunia, she likes to keep up with the news, ups early, and always try to keep her son happy.

Uncle Vernon, he use to work on drills at grunnings, but now just work in a regular office.

Dudley, the spoiled son, a bully, has a gang and is annoyed.

Now, let me tell you about the rest of the story, now for chapter 2.

I forgot to mention, that this takes six years after the time, they met Abigail.

The story starts in the next morning, where Key writes down methods of making the Dursleys pay the price for their appaling behavior.

"Let's see, throw them down a garbage like in Willy Wonka. Ooh! Maybe push them in that chocolate river and have them sucked into pipe. Ah! Have them eat the bubble gum and make them into blueberries", Key muttered.

"KEYS!" Uncle Vernon screamed.

Keys rolls her eyes in annoyance, and walks into the living room.

"Get the mail", Uncle Vernon says.

Once, Key grabbed the mail, she finds out their mail for her and Harry.

"Harry", called Key, then grabbed his arm and pulled him into the cupboard.

In the cupboard, Key shows Harry the letter.

"What's this?" Harry wondered.

"A letter from a place called Hogwarts with a list of school items", Key replied.

Key noticed something else in her envelope.

"Key, I know you won't remember us, but we want to know that you're a fae", Key read out loud and a necklace appeared.

"A what?" asked Harry.

"It's like a fairy, this is crazy, but the letter is legit", Key noticed.

"Then, that would mean it was from your parents", Harry figured out.

"But, why now, why send this to me now?" asked Key.

"Key, this letter is ten years old", Harry noticed, looking at the date.

"That was the year, we were sent here, which means this must've been days before we were sent here", Key pointed out.

"But, if you are a fae then why was I sent this letter?" asked Harry.

"You must be a wizard", Key guessed, while panting.

"And your just going with this", Harry wondered.

"No, I think this is completely crazy, and if this is real I bet the Dursleys know", Key answered.

Key sits down on the bed thinking all this through, when Harry opened the necklace.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, concerned.

"No, maybe, I don't know how to feel. All this it's just bewildering", Key responded.

"I never seen you like this, you believe this?" asked Harry.

"Kind of, it's hard to explain", Key tells Harry.

Harry shows Key, a picture her and him as babies, that was in the necklace.

"We've always been great friends", said Key.

"Yeah, wait there's something on the back", Harry noticed.

At that moment, they look at the back of the letter, which makes a flashback form.

In the flashback, it's a few months before the incident at Godrics hollow, where James and Lily potter at Kai's house.

Kai has short black hair,wearing a green dress,and heels.

"Hey, sis, where's the baby", said James

"With her father, hey Lily", Kai answered.

James takes Harry and puts him next to Key, who's playing with blocks.

Key gives one of her blocks to Harry and smiles.

So, James sit next to Kevin, a man with short brown hair, white skin wearing white shirt,blue jeans, and yellow shoes.

"No sign of powers", Kevin told James.

"Kevin, she's still young", James reminded Kevin.

"I know", said Kevin.

At the table, Lily and Kai are talking to each other.

"Are you sure,you want to do that?" asked Lily, concerned.

"It's the only to protect her, if they find this, our child will be in great danger", Kai explained, holding a necklace, that has a blue stone in it.

"I say you should've destroyed that stone, I just don't know,if that child is worth the trouble",Lily insisted.

The stone is a experiment, which was invented by Kai and Kevin, that could give people double the power, they already have.

"I understand your concern, but we need this, so can you take care of my daughter", said Kai.

"Alright, but where will you go?" Lily wondered.

"To our homeworld", Kai answered.

"Really, but the reason you came here was to have a normal life like us", Lily remembered.

"I know, but that's only place they won't expect us", Kai figured out.

"Okay, but please be careful, Kai and Kevin", said Lily, as they hug.

At the same time, Key hugs Harry, but before Kai and Kevin teleport, Key crawled to them.

"Mommy, daddy?" asked Key, confused.

"Listen sweetie, take care of yourself and your cousin, we'll miss you", Kai told Key.

Kai and Kevin teleported to a different realm, while Key was crying,so Lily goes to Key.

"It'll be okay, you're with us", Lily informed Key.

"Will Mommy and daddy come back?" asked Key.

"I don't know", Lily answered.

Key wipe her tears and hugs Harry, that's when the flashback end.

The point of the flashback is to explain that Kai is James Potter's sister, and what happened to Key's parents at the same time.

Back in the present, Key and Harry are amazed to find out their cousins.

"My Mother was your dad's sister, and we're cousins", Key remembered from the flashback.

"I don't believe it either", said Harry.

A few days, They pretend the letter didn't happen, but the letters kept coming back.


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