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Outward, upward , awckward
Less leisure , less parking ,  more horn beepers ,  more dogs barking ,
More Fire ,  police , and ambulance squaking.
Country roads turn city streets.
Big box stores ,  late night  street  sweeps keep sidewalks clean and neat
There's hustle and bustle through the old train trestle .
So much so directly underneath the road has buckled. 
All to reluctant to get too far from the bridge abutment. 
Chipmonks  , muddled in all the extra scuffle , dart in and out of  a new network of tunnels ,  on dry ground away from runnels. 
Everything must adapt to an urban jungle or fumble .
Within the community power of progress is progressively
Ominous ,  whether your poor ,
or prominent .
Fact of the matter is economics stay dominant........


  • Not bad on this one, this needs a little work in the last half.

    Feb 18, 2020

  • Brandon Burky

    Brandon Burky

    thanks for the constructive criticism i need it

    Feb 18, 2020

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