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 My what a tangled world wide web we weave
So self intangled I'm Dangling mangled 
By newfangled string 
Then At the end of my rope 
I realize the hole I dug is to deep
I need a bigger shovel 
But only as the rug got pulled out from underneath me did I stumble 
Finally Nearing the edge of disaster
The brink of collapse
Beat down by a barage of blatant 
Private Personal attacks I over react
 underestimating the pain 
At the point of impact 
But in that very moment
I fall through the cracks 
And when I hit rock bottom
At my lowest time
I bounce right back look around
And skip ahead to the front of the line 
I guess its what you get 
If stay ahead of the times 
Theirs hell to pay on the way too heaven
You can only get got when you got what your gettin
To live and let live 
Forgive or forget it 
Don't kill the messanger
Just keep spreading the message 
Self motivate
The world is your oyster
Just  hold it in the palm of your hand
And with your other hand grab my hand 
And we'll dance the last dance....


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